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General Assembly & Management Committee

The President of Polis and the other members of the Management Committee, including the treasurer, are elected by the General Assembly.  The General Assembly of Polis gathers all members of Polis, and – as well as electing the President and Management Committee – also approves the Polis strategy and Polis budget each year. The President of Polis is elected for one year, renewable once, while members of the Management Committee are elected for three years.

The Management Committee is chaired by the president of Polis, and meets regularly throughout the year. It is jointly responsible for the guidance and supervision of the policies and budget of Polis, general supervision of the activities of the Polis secretariat, determination of the establishment, continuation and termination of working groups and the external representation of Polis.

The Secretary General (currently the Executive Director) is in charge of the day-to-day management of Polis.

Polis Statutes: download here.

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