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Smart Cities and Transport


Polis is involved in the EIP – Smart Cities and Communities Marketplace as Manager of the Action Cluster for Sustainable Urban Mobility. Polis is partner in the European GrowSmarter Smart Cities Lighthouse project – co-funded by the Horizon2020 Framework Programme for Research & Innovation.

Several Polis members are involved in the Marketplace, are partner in Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects, and generally are European pioneers in making their cities smarter.

Polis position paper on smart cities:

Representing leading cities and regions working on innovation in local transport, we are concinved that the role and potential of urban mobility in making the city smarter is currently not sufficiently recognised. The transport sector in general leaves a lot of room for improvement in terms of (energy) efficiency, environmental performance (air quality and noise) and leverage for economic development. The transport sector is currently shaping and experiencing a paradigm shift, with coinciding transitions in the field of energy use (electrification), technologies and behaviour (sharing economy, focus on active travel). At the same time, urban transport is one of the sectors with a high and continued share of public investment.

Out policy paper on smart cities describes what urban transport has to offer to the Smart City and provides recommendations for future EU action in this regard.

"Sustainable Urban Mobility and the Smart City", released on 19 November 2015, now available here.

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