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European Policy

Polis is a key communication channel to the European institutions for cities and regions on urban and regional transport issues. Polis keeps its members informed on the latest policy and legislative developments relating to local and regional transport, including in fields which can have an impact on local and regional transport (including environment, security, health or research).

| Point of entry to the European institutions:

Polis acts as a point of entry to the European institutions for cities and regions on urban and regional transport issues, with a goal of helping to shape EU urban and regional mobility policy, as well as other policies of relevance. Given our considerable experience and expertise (from within the Polis membership), we are now a recognised as an essential interlocutor with the European institutions.

| Polis Political Group:

We can also rely on a strong political backing from our Political Group. The Polis Political Group is composed of politicians elected within its member cities or regions. Members of the group meet to exchange on EU policy, and discuss initiatives with senior officers of the European Commission, the European Parliament and other organisations including the Committee of the Regions.

| Polis position papers and replies to consultations:

To communicate its messages, Polis also takes part in a number of EU advisory councils, as well as publishes written policy documents (position papers and replies to consultations). For instance, Polis is the co-leader of the working group on urban mobility of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council. It is also the only representative of local authorities in the RTD working group on e-Safety. Both of these structures define and provide input for future research activities of the European institutions. Access Polis' position papers here.


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