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NICHES+: Mainstreaming Urban Transport Innovation

The mission of NICHES+ is to promote innovative measures for making urban transport more efficient and sustainable and to move them from their current "niche" position into a mainstream urban transport application.

NICHES+ builds further on the NICHES project, and was funded by DG Research under the 7FP. It ran from May 2008 until April 2011.

Final Conference

The NICHES+ final conference took place on 7 April 2011 in London. Watch the video now:

Guidelines for Implementers

NICHES+ looks into the details of 12 innovative measures, structured in 4 thematic areas. For each of the 12 measures guidelines for implementers have been published:

Innovative concepts to enhance accessibility:

Concepts for Efficient Planning and Use of Infrastructure and Interchanges:

Traffic Management Centres:

Automated and Space Efficient Transport Systems:

Research and Policy Recommendations

Summaries of the research and policy recommendations for each of the 4 thematic areas have been published:

NICHES+ Study Tour Catalogue

NICHES+ Study Tour Catalogue is a guide to urban transport innovation. Its aim is to provide urban transport professionals and local decision makers an overview of European towns and cities that successfully implemented innovative strategies which have the potential to become mainstream transport solutions. The featured cities have been selected by urban transport experts within the scope of the EU funded projects NICHES and NICHES+, which studied and promoted a range of innovative approaches within a number of thematic areas, such as accessibility, infrastructure and interchanges, traffic management, automated and space-efficient transport systems, urban freight, etc.

Download the NICHES+ Study Tour Catalogue.


During its project lifetime, NICHES+ presented the OSMOSE Awards twice. The OSMOSE Awards honour local and regional authorities that have shown the courage to introduce innovative and daring measures in order to meet today’s challenges in urban transport in a sustainable and effective way.

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Project Coordinator: Ivo Cré

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