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2015 Polis Conference Presentations

Parallel sessions 1

A: Improving road safety for vulnerable road users:
B: Beyond the city: Planning and operating regional bus systems:
C: Public authorities' next steps in electric mobility:

D: Shared transport services:

Opening Plenary

Parallel sessions 2

2A: Road Safety Data workshop: "Translating road safety data into policies and measures"
2B: Public Transport in the 21st century:
2C: Urban freight goes electric:
2D: Open data and apps:

Parallel sessions 3

3A: Global cooperation:
3B: Smart parking strategie:

3C: Creating liveable cities through active mobility:
3D: Data as an asset: Improved integration, management and dissemination

Parallel sessions 4

4A: Local authorities' key role in city logistics
4B: Next generation SUMP development for innovative cities:
4C: ICT & active mobility:
4D: New trends in traffice management and control:

4E: PANEL: EU‐China Cooperation on Sustainable Development with Special Focus on Smart Cities

Closing Session



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