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Spring | June 2017

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Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the quarterly Polis newsletter!

We are proud to launch the 8th edition of Thinking Cities, the urban transport innovation magazine jointly published by Polis and H3B media. This new issue looks at the notion of change in the city, and how to achieve it. Read more in this newsletter.

This year, the Polis Conference takes place on 6-7 December in Brussels - and we were delighted to receive so many abstracts from urban transport stakeholders all over Europe and beyond! Registrations will open at the end of June, when we will also launch the first version of the conference programme. Please mark your calendars for our annual highlight!

We hope you’ll enjoy this Polis news update!

Karen Vancluysen
Secretary General


Polis is the network of European cities and regions working together to deploy innovative technologies and policies for a more sustainable mobility. About Polis.


Exhibition and sponsorship possibilities at 2017 Polis Conference

The call for exhibitors and sponsors is open for the 2017 Polis Conference on 6-7/12 in Brussels.

Polis discussed research priorities for climate change mitigation in the transport sector in Washington DC

Karen Vancluysen was among 25 invited European experts attending an EU-US Symposium organised in the framework of a cooperation agreement between the EC DG MOVE and Research and the US Department of Transport/Transportation Research Board.

Polis co-signed a letter calling for urgent action on vehicle safety standards

Polis along with industry and NGOs calls upon the European Commission to urgently bring forward new minimum safety standards for new cars, vans and trucks, after years of delays. Read more.

Polis Network News

New edition of Thinking Cities magazine released

The 8th edition of Polis and H3B's joint magazine Thinking Cities has been released. Hot off the press, this 84 page-strong magazine was distributed at the Polis' Open Stage Café session on urban mobility innovation at the ongoing International Transport Forum Summit in Leipzig and at the ECOMM conference on mobility management in Maastricht.

This new issue of Thinking Cities looks at "Achieving change in the thinking city". How are we going about, achieving change in the thinking city? It’s a simple enough question but it doesn’t have a particularly catchy, pithy answer. There’s no “Well, we are doing this and it’s working brilliantly” model to follow. The cities that feature in this issue are as different in every respect (age, geography, topology, socio-economic distribution, population, lay-out) as the people that live in them and call them home.

Pick up your free copy today at ECOMM or the ITF, or download the latest issue here.


For more information or to contribute to the next issue, please contact Dagmar Köhler, dkoehler@polisnetwork.eu

Lessons from Dieselgate - what is next for cities? Register now for the urban mobility breakfast on 6 June!

We kindly invite you to our third Polis Urban Mobility Breakfast on 6 June at 9am to share and discuss our and your views on Dieselgate and its policy follow-up, in an informal setting, while having a warm drink and a croissant.

Following Dieselgate, the European Parliament established a Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector (EMIS). On 4 April, the final report of this committee was discussed and recommendations were voted during the EP’s plenary session in Strasbourg.

Two months later, EMIS chair Ms Kathleen van Brempt will look back at the enquiry and explain the potential of the EP recommendations to improve air quality in cities.

You will hear about Polis’ activities in the field of clean vehicles and fuels, and how our cities try to tackle the severe air quality challenges they are facing. Polis member London will present their experiences.

We invite cities and regions, their Brussels offices, the EU Institutions, European transport and city associations, and media representatives to join our breakfast.

Click here for more information and registration.

Latest updates from the Polis working group on bike sharing

The Polis working group on bike sharing held its last meeting in Madrid on 26-27 April. Five cities and regions: Madrid, Donostia-San Sebastian, Budapest, Milan, and Stuttgart Region presented their latest updates and plans on bike share, followed by a workshop on public procurement led by BikePlus.

After last year's meeting hosted by the city of Paris in the magnificent City Hall building, this Spring we visited the Spanish capital Madrid where we held the 5th meeting of the Polis working group on bike sharing.

The meeting was attended by 15 participants who actively contributed to a 2-day discussion by presenting their bike share scheme and operations, making great proposals to advance bike share operations and exchanging ideas with their peers across Europe.

The following Polis members were present: Milan, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, Gothenburg, Prague, Stuttgart Region, Brussels-Capital Region, Donostia-San Sebastian, Rotterdam, BikePlus (UK charity), city of Madrid, and EMT Madrid (bus transport company).

The workshop was opened by the host Sergio Fernández Balaguer, EMT Madrid, who introduced EMT Madrid's public bus company's operations and international strategy.

Donostia-San Sebastian, Northern Spain, presented their earlier bike sharing scheme, the current scheme dBizi which was developed in 2013 and expansion plans, followed by an overview of the city's cycling policy. Fermin Echarte Peña illustrated the new scheme of 16 stations and 220 e-bikes.

Budapest launched MOL Bubi in September 2014, covering a 25 km2 service area. The scheme has 112 docking stations, and 1286 bikes. Patrik Toth, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, introduced "MOL Bubi PLAY", a new promotional and awareness raising App for Bubi bike-sharing users as a product developed in the frame of the European co-funded EMPOWER project. BKK has evaluated through a Living Lab what happens if they bring gamification elements to bike sharing.

Milan introduced BikeMI in 2008 in cooperation with ATM, the city public transport company: the scheme has 3.650 traditional bikes, 1.000 e-bikes, distributed across 283 stations. Michele Gianfelice illustrated the new and first ever charging centre with solar panels for BikeMI e-bikes which was recently opened on a brownfield in the city centre to supply energy to electrically assisted bikes and serve also as a workshop to wash bikes.

Later in the afternoon, EMT Madrid invited the group to take a shining "special service" brand new (and clean fuel) bus to a technical visit at the main city's BiciMAD deposit. BiciMAD is the largest e-bike sharing in Europe entirely formed of pedelecs (2.028 e-bikes and 165 stations).

On the second day, Antonia Roberts, Director BikePlus, led a 2-hour workshop on public procurement and dock-less bike share. Members looking forward to launching their bike sharing tender have found this piece of advice very helpful to inform their tendering process.

Last but not least, Stuttgart Region presented "RegioRadStuttgart", a bike and pedelec-sharing-system for about 80 communities around Stuttgart. Ralf Maier-Geißer, Stutgart Region, illustrated operation of the city bike sharignscehme of 400 bicycles, 100 pedelecs, and 45 stations, and the regional scheme comprising 130 pedelecs, at 14 stations (buildings) in 11 municipalities (soon 13), and future expansion plnas including the use of cargo-bikes.

Links to the presentations can be found on the event webpage (Polis member login required).

This working group will meet up again in the secodn half of 2017 to continue the fruitful know-how exchange among cities.

Join the working group on bike sharing schemes!

The working group on bike sharing is a service to Polis members .

For information and to join the Polis working group on bike sharing schemes, please contact Florinda Boschetti via e-mail at fboschetti@polisnetwork.eu or by phone +32 (0)2 500 56 74.

Cities perspective on C-ITS summarised in CIMEC publication

CIMEC has published a booklet providing a round up of the main project findings on the subject of C-ITS deployment in cities.

The publication provides an introduction to the subject from the perspective of a local road authority and offers an overview on how the city C-ITS market is expected to evolve in the future. It is intended to provide a vision that European cities can collectively recognise and that other stakeholders, public and private, can benefit from in their political or commercial planning.

The booklet can be found here.

A German and Spanish version will be available by Summer 2017.

Cities are invited to join the BuyZET City Observer Group

The EU-funded BuyZET project aims to understand and optimise the impact of public procurement activities on transport patterns in cities – and to find innovative and sustainable delivery solutions for goods and services.

New cities are invited to join the BuyZET project City Observer Group to gain access to useful resources and engage in the project’s activities. By joining the EU-funded project, cities will get the chance to learn from experiences in implementing zero emissions urban delivery of goods and services.

BuyZET project is a partnership of cities aiming to achieve zero emission urban delivery of goods and services through innovative procurement approaches.

Members of the BuyZET Observer City Group will get support in applying the methodologies of the project, participate in expert meetings, engage in a peer review process on each city’s activities and join or form Buyers Groups.

Funding is available to support Observer Cities activities.

For more information, visit www.buyzet.eu. If you are interested in joining BuyZET as an Observer City, contact: procurement@iclei.org .

Sustainable Energy Week - Energy systems for smart mobility

ERRIN, European Regions Research and Innovation Network, and Polis are organising an event on “Energy systems for smart mobility” during the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2017).

The event will present some innovative projects and solutions related to smart grids and smart mobility (new energy storage concepts and technologies). Three regions – Ile de France, Cleantech Region of the Stedendriehoek and Stuttgart Region, will be showcasing their best practices and pilot projects in this field.

Speakers from the European Commission (DG MOVE), regional policy makers and representatives from industry are invited to the panel discussion.

The event will take place on Thursday 22nd June, from 10:00 to 12:00 at the POLIS offices, Rue du Trône 98, B, Brussels.

Please note that the number of spaces is limited so please sign up to the event via the official link.

Polis and Polis members contributing to upcoming Velo-city cycling conference

Next to Polis member Arnhem-Nijmegen as host, members Dublin, Leuven, Nantes Metropole also contribute to an attractive programme of the 2017 Velo-city cycling conference, which will take place from 13th to 16th of June in the Arnhem and Nijmegen Region of the Netherlands. Polis hosts a panel debate.

The conference will be hosted by the Chair of the Polis Working Group on Environment and Health in Transport: The Province of Gelderland.

An inteview with Mr. Sjors van Duren, Policy Advisor for the Province of Gelderland, and Programme Director of Velo-city 2017, has just been published in the new Thinking Cities #8 magazine. Make sure you'll get your copy!

Polis is also hosting a panel debate at Velo-city with some of its members on June 15th. Who can be found in the speaker line-up? Find out more about the session here.

Panel discussion "Cycling Officers’ Secrets",  Thursday June 15th

Mobility and more specifically cycling, is a hot topic in cities around the world. City Network Polis and ECF's Cities for Cyclists Network bring together a fine selection of Cycling Officers who come and talk about what is going on behind the scenes.

The session will highlight cycling measures selection and budget planning, the relationship with elected officials and local advocacy groups, how to integrate cycling in sustainable urban mobility plans, and inter-sectoral cooperation with other city departments.

The session is moderated by Karen Vancluysen, Polis Secretary General.

Speaker line-up:

  • Sarah Scannell, Dublin, Ireland
  • Rita Castel' Branco, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Hadrien Bedok, Nantes Metropole, France
  • Tim Asperges, Leuven, Belgium


Day: Thursday 15 June

Time: 14:15-15:15

Polis and our members are looking forward to meeting you in Arnhem and Nijmegen!

Further information: https://www.velo-city2017.com/

EC adopts legislative proposal concerning multi-modal information

The EC has just adopted a legislative proposal (in the form of a delegated regulation) concerning the provision of access to transport data, essentially public transport and other types of mobility services. This data, both static and dynamic, has to be made available via a national access point in a specified format over the 2019-2021 period.

The modes covered include:

Scheduled: Air, rail including high speed rail, conventional rail, light rail, long-distance coach, maritime, including ferry, metro, tram, bus, trolley-bus.

Demand-responsive: Shuttle bus, shuttle ferry, taxi, car-sharing, car-pooling, car-hire, bike-sharing, bike-hire.

Personal: Car, motorcycle, cycle

The European Parliament and European Council (Member States) are now being consulted on this proposal. If no objections are raised, the EC expects to publish it in the Official Journal in the fourth quarter of this year.

The main text and annex can be downloaded in the 22 official EU languages here.


Click here to view a list of all recent events.

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