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Welcome to the Polis public newsletter!

Following the 2011 Polis Annual General Assembly, we would like to congratulate Perugia for its election as the Polis President in 2012. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation and to the 2012 Annual Polis Conference, which will take place in this pretty Italian city in November.

Polis is a network of European cities and regions working together to deploy innovative technologies and policies for a more sustainable mobility. Polis fosters cooperation and partnerships across Europe in order to make research and innovation in transport accessible to cities and regions...

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New initiatives in 2012

Among the new activities starting in 2012, Polis works on an integrated uptake of Smart Connected Electromobility applying ICT services (MOLECULES project), and on a European sustainable urban mobility campaign promoting "the right mix" across Europe.

Eltis Award at TRA 2012

The best paper on urban transportation will be honoured with the Eltis Award at this year's Transport Research Arena (TRA 2012), 23-26 April 2012 in Athens, Greece.

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Polis Network News

Release of the Polis position statement on research/cooperation needs for urban & regional network management and ITS

Following intense consultation of its membership, in particular with the working group on mobility and traffic efficiency, Polis has prepared a position statement which provides an overview of the needs of local authorities (cities and regions) for research, cooperation and knowledge transfer in the area of transport network management and ITS.

The document should appeal to a wide audience, but it is particularly targeted at:

  • European institutions, especially those bodies responsible for defining the priorities of the programmes offering funding opportunities for research, cooperation and knowledge transfer in the area of ITS and network management;
  • Traffic systems suppliers and ITS providers;
  • Local authorities.

This is an important document which we will disseminate widely and use as a reference to make the needs and expectations of local authorities better understood.

The document can be downloaded in the policy section on the Polis website:

For more information, please contact Suzanne Hoadley.

Call for cities to join Bologna for a cycling challenge

The city of Bologna and the local transport authority SRM will launch a contest of European cities to challenge each other on transport cycling mileage in May 2012. Cities interested  to join should get in contact before 15 February 2012.

Following its campaign "Bologna Citta in bici" (Bologna cycling city) the city of Bologna, Italy, is now extending its scope and looking for cities to join a cycling challenge between several European cities. During May 2012 a group of citizens in each participating city will track their cycling kilometres as "cycling transportation", not as sport, through a GPS tracking system. During a month also CO2 savings would be quantified.

In cooperation with Endomondo, a sports community based on free real-time GPS, customized web pages for each participating city will be developed. Tracking facilities as they have been used already for Bologna’s recent cycling campaign are easy-to-use free applications for smartphones. Track points and workouts in CSV format for the whole challenge period will be delivered by Endomondo to all cities, thus allowing further elaboration for statistical purposes.

Endomondo offered to deliver the needed support for a group of at least 10 cities aiming at pure costs covering: the amount of 3.500 € per city was quantified. Then each city should be active in enrolling its own citizens using its own channels: mailing lists, press releases, local promotional activities. Costs can be this way very limited, ensuring a very positive impact in terms of image and results. A corporate image logo of the campaign will be agreed.

If you are interested to join the challenge please contact Polis for more information before 15 Februrary:

Contact Bologna: dora.ramazzotti@srmbologna.it
Contact Polis: shaon@polisnetwork.eu


Within Civitas MIMOSA measures to encourage the shift from polluting transport modes to more sustainable ones, such as bicycle, car-pooling, car sharing and Flexible transport services are to be implemented in Bologna. A dedicated campaign for "Bologna Citta in bici" (Bologna cycling city) was prepared with the purpose to collect data on mileage and to calculate the C02 saved in comparison with habitual behaviour. This was organised in cooperation with Endomondo. A group of volunteer cyclists was involved: they were engaged to win a mileage challenge, tracking their "transport cycling" trips during a month. The challenge mechanism was stimulating and appreciated by cyclists.

GPS tracking allowed SRM to produce a heat map where the main paths used by the involved cyclists were highlighted. If created by means of a wider sample of users, the heat map could be a useful tool for planning bicycle paths and controlling cyclist flows in the cities.

Urban hub "BentoBox" fosters cargo bike deliveries in Berlin

Last week, the city of Berlin presented the “BentoBox”, Europe’s first prototype of a flexible collection station for packages, little packets and smaller sachets. The station was combined with the deployment of innovative cargo bikes to achieve quick, cost efficient, emission free and almost silent distribution of goods.

The “BentoBox” has been set up in cooperation of politics, administration and corporations to find innovative solutions for business transactions in Berlin. Setting up an additional city hub to coordinate distribution allowed supplying a number of densely populated neighborhoods using cargo bikes, including some electric ones.

Due to its variously sized shelves the “BentoBox” allows collecting all kinds of mailings, ranging from moving boxes to single letters. Certain parts of the box are accessible to end customers who can pick up their mail directly, others are designed for CEP services incl. couriers, express and parcel services. Applying GPRS connection allows integrating the “BentoBox” directly in enterprise disposition processes. This technology will in future allow to inform recipients about the status of their mailing.

The “BentoBox” had been integrated in the regular logistics services by Messenger Transport + Logistik GmbH in Berlin for the last two months. Messenger Director Achim Beier concludes: “Before, we delivered mailings by car directly to the recipient. Since we apply the BentoBox as a collection and distribution centre, delivery by car finishes at the BentoBox. The remaining distance from the box and to the box is covered by cargo bike. Like this, we could reduce car trips in the respective districts by 85%.”

The BentoBox has been installed in the framework of the CityLog project, co-funded by FP7. For additional field tests the BentoBox now moves to Lyon (France) and later to Turin (Italy).

2011 Polis Conference: Presentations online

The presentations given at the 2011 Polis Conference on 29 and 30 November are available online. Download the presentations you followed and those you missed: http://www.polisnetwork.eu/presentations


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