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Welcome to the Polis public newsletter!

We are pleased to invite all our readers to this year's Annual Polis Conference! Taking place in Brussels on 4-5 December it is an excellent opportunity for cities, regions and the European transport community to exchange on innovative transport solutions.

Polis is the network of European cities and regions working together to deploy innovative technologies and policies for a more sustainable mobility. Read more.

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2013 SUMP Award opens next week

Europe's cities and regions can apply for the 2nd edition of the EC's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Award between 2/9 and 1/11/2013. The call will be published on Monday at dotherightmix.eu/award.

Polis Network News

Programme of 2013 Annual Polis Conference online

The draft programme of this year's Polis Conference, 4-5 December 2013 in Brussels, features sessions on how to link health and transportation, opening up transport data, smart parking strategies, safety for vulnerable road users and many more. Registration is now open until all seats are taken.

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Flanders DRIVE presents results of wireless charging study

Flanders' DRIVE has conducted a feasibility study on the wireless charging of electric vehicles. Over the past 2 and a half years, the research centre closely cooperated with 9 companies and 2 universities, focusing on the stationary and dynamic charging of buses and the stationary charging of cars. Wireless charging appears perfectly feasible and can be done safely and efficiently, both stationary and while driving.

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TIDE Invitation to Innovative Cities

Have you ever wondered how to transfer an innovative (transport) idea from another city to your own? Or how to share your innovative ideas with others?

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First evaluation of Catalonia's new interurban bus network expres.cat

Catalonia set up the interurban bus network ‘exprés. cat’ with high level of service (BHLS) in October 2012. Last month, the fifth line of the network started operations

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New speakers confirmed at Polis Working Group meeting on Health and Transport

New speakers have confirmed their participation at Polis Working Group meeting on Health & Transport (Active Mobility) on Thursday, September 19th in Brussels. Registration is open online!

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Register now for the EPA-Polis Parking Workshop - Dublin 10 September 2013

How can we make on street parking a success? That is the question EPA and Polis try to answer on the 3rd EPA-Polis workshop to take place in Dublin, the day before the EPA congress. Presentations from TU Dresden, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lille, EPA and Polis are currently confirmed.

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Polis position paper on open transport data

Polis has released its position paper on open transport data. The paper describes why local authorities gather transport data and what are the findings to date from publishing transport data. Bulding on the why and the what, the paper also makes recommendations to the EC about the ITS Directive.

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