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Upcoming Events

  • Transport Research Arena 2020 in Helsinki

    The Transport Research Arena conference will take place in Helsinki on 27–30 April 2020 under the theme “Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility”.

    27 April 2020 - 30 April 2020
  • 9th International Congress on Transportation Research - Transport 4.0: The Smart Evolution

    The Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT/CERTH) and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE) co-organize the ‘9th International Congress on Transportation Research’ (ICTR ‘19), which will be held in October 2019, in Athens, Greece.

    24 October 2019 - 25 October 2019
  • "Green and Smart Mobility: new solutions for the mobility of the future"

    Polis-moderated event on Smart and Green Mobility at the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union.

    10 October 2019
  • European Transport Conference (ETC)

    The European Transport Conference (ETC) is the annual conference of the Association for European Transport.

    09 October 2019 - 11 October 2019
  • The infrastructure and traffic management aspects of automated driving

    Following the first Inframix workshop in Barcelona, a joint stakeholder workshop is being organised by the H2020 projects INFRAMIX and TransAID 'Infrastructure requirements and traffic control strategies for automated driving'

    09 October 2019
  • Nordic Edge Expo & Conference on Smart Cities 2019

    Smart Cities, from Local to Global: the speed of the transition to smarter and more sustainable cities is increasing, and at the heart of it all you will find Nordic Edge Expo. The leading conference and exhibition for smart cities in the North will thus be the place to be this year.

    24 September 2019 - 26 September 2019
  • 19th Congress of the EPA in Malaga

    18 September 2019 - 20 September 2019 - 1 document(s)
  • Final Conference of the MED Urban Transports Community

    On the 17th and 18th September 2019, the GO SUMP project organizes the MED Urban Transports Community's final event taking place at OMAU - Urban Environment Observatory in Malaga (Spain), within the European Mobility Week 2019.

    17 September 2019 - 18 September 2019
  • ITS4Climate conference

    The ITS4Climate conference will explore the role that ITS can play in mitigating climate change. Polis will be there along with a number of Polis members.

    17 September 2019 - 18 September 2019
  • Impact>Mobility conference

    Polis is partnering with the organisers of the Impact>Mobility conference in Amsterdam on 24-25 June. This conference has four main themes: data analytics and mobility business models; MaaS; smart public transportation and urban logistics and last mile.

    24 June 2019 - 25 June 2019
  • E-scooters webinar: the challenges and opportunities of new mobility modes

    Seize the opportunity to gain insights on new mobility modes such as e-scooters, and participate to the Urban Pathways Project's webinar "E-scooters webinar: the challenges and opportunities of new mobility modes" on Wednesday 19 June 2019, 15:00-17:00 (CEST).

    19 June 2019
  • Spatial and transport planning challenges for integrating traditional & new mobility services

    The HARMONY project's Public Launch Event will bring together transport and spatial planning professionals, public authorities and policy makers, mobility technology developers, autonomous vehicles and drone manufacturers, and researchers to discuss the spatial and transport planning challenges metropolitan areas face in terms of integrating traditional and new transport modes.

    07 June 2019
  • Urban traffic management and vehicle automation

    As the MAVEN project enters its final straight, it will hold an event in Helmond on 6 June, taking advantage of the ITS congress, to share its main findings and conclusions.

    06 June 2019 - 1 document(s)
  • European ITS Congress 2019

    This year's ITS Europe Congress is jointly hosted by Polis members, Eindhoven and Helmond, in the so-called Brainport region. The congress hosts and organiser Ertico are keen to offer a congress experience that is relevant and interesting for cities and Polis is supporting them in this regard.

    03 June 2019 - 06 June 2019
  • NMS partner seminar - ITS European Congress side event: New Mobility Services in a Smart City context

    On Monday 3 June 2019, the New Mobility Services (NMS) initiative - part of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities - organises a vibrant seminar about large-scale deployment of new mobility services in a smart city context.

    02 June 2019 - 03 June 2019
  • Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) for cities and regions

    Learn how TMAAS can help you manage mobility in your city or region

    Join TomTom, Be-Mobile, Waylay and Ghent University as they present to you the ins and outs of the TMaaS mobility management dashboard.

    28 May 2019
  • 1st LEVITATE Stakeholder Group meeting

    The first meeting of the LEVITATE stakeholder group dives into understanding your wishes and needs with regards to impact assessment of automation and your expectations for any policy support tool.

    28 May 2019 - 1 document(s)
  • URBAN FUTURE global conference 2019

    22 May 2019 - 24 May 2019
  • Green Week partner event: Urban Vehicle Restrictions - How to achieve stakeholder support?

    On Wednesday 15 May 2019, during the Green Week partner event: "Urban Vehicle Restrictions - How to achieve stakeholder support?", London and Brussels will each present their newest local schemes and debate on the health and social impacts of low emission zones based on the available scientific evidence supporting the implementation of urban low emission zones (LEZ).

    15 May 2019
  • BuyZET Final event

    BuyZET aims to achieve zero emission deliveries through smart procurement. The final event take place on 14 May 2019 in Brussels

    14 May 2019
  • UEMI workshop: Safe and low-carbon urban mobility in action

    This workshop aims to provide a space in which European and Latin American cities can exchange experience on how to integrate road safety measures in low-carbon mobility planning.

    09 April 2019 - 1 document(s)
  • ERTRAC Annual Conference 2019

    The conference will be dedicated to the preparation of the 9th Research Framework Programme "Horizon Europe": which place for Road Transport Research and which key research challenges?

    04 April 2019
  • Stakeholder workshop: Smart car, dumb city?

    An unusual and interactive workshop exploring how to make the most of autonomous mobility.

    More information and registration here.

    27 March 2019
  • Webinar: ISA and Digital Maps (3pm CET)

    The goal of this webinar is to inform the audience about the importance of Digital Maps for the successful implementation of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology. It is organized by the New Mobility Services Initiative of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities & Communities (EIP-SCC).

    26 March 2019
  • Traffic Management as a Service webinar

    A webinar on the concept of TMaaS - Traffic Management as a Service - is being held on 25 March at 11hrs. TMaaS is a concept of cloud-based traffic management for cities that has been created and implemented by the city of Ghent (Belgium) in partnership with several companies.


    25 March 2019
  • SUM Bilbao 2019 - Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress

    SUM Bilbao 2019 “Moving the cities of the XXI century”

    20 February 2019 - 21 February 2019
  • Public launch of project on regulation & governance of disruptive mobility

    To mark the start of the new H2020 project GECKO, dealing with the regulation and governance of disruptive mobility services, a launch event will take place on 10 December from 15.00hrs at the Hilton Brussels Grand Place, comprising a quick intro to the project approach and stakeholder discussion, followed by a reception. Deadline for registrations is 6/12/18.

    10 December 2018
  • #H2020RTR18: Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects

    ERTRAC, EGVIA and the European Commission's Transport R&I Directorate are jointly organising #H2020RTR18, the 2nd EGVIA-ERTRAC European Conference. The event showcases road transport research results obtained in projects funded under Horizon 2020.

    28 November 2018 - 29 November 2018
  • 2018 Annual POLIS Conference

    The Polis Conference is Polis’ flagship annual event. Polis president Manchester will host this year’s event, which will take place at the iconic Old Trafford Stadium on 22-23 November. The title of the conference is “Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions”.

    22 November 2018 - 23 November 2018
  • 2nd Pan-European MyCorridor Workshop

    16 November 2018
  • European ITS plaform

    Polis is pleased to be associated with the 2018 forum of the European ITS Platform, an ITS platform for national road authorities and stakeholders. Polis will be represented at the forum by the province of Utrecht at both political and officer level.

    14 November 2018 - 15 November 2018
  • Smart City Expo World Congress

    The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the  international conference on smart cities and urban solutions. The 2018 edition will gather over 400 spearkers and thinkers from fields that range from technology to smart governance to sharing economy and mobility.

    13 November 2018 - 15 November 2018
  • Intelligent Transport Conference

    The Intelligent Transport Conference 2018 investigates how technology will shape the future of transport; improve air quality, operations, improve performance and the customer experience. Polis members benefit from a 20% discount on the registration fee and Polis contributes to a panel discussion on the role of transport in creating a smart city.

    01 November 2018 - 02 November 2018
  • Workshop on automated vehicles and traffic management

    The MAVEN project ran a workshop in Greenwich (London) on 24 October about how increasing vehicle automation may affect urban traffic management. It followed two similar workshops held in Brussels in October 2017 and Barcelona in November 2016.

    24 October 2018
  • AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit

    The Urban Mobility Summit is AUTONOMY’s flagship event where innovators, cities and urbanites gather annually to build a new mobility landscape. The first two days -18 and 19 Ocotber- are dedicated to professionals and institutions and the third day -20 October- is open to the public.

    18 October 2018 - 20 October 2018
  • Polis at Nordic Edge on 26/9/18

    In just three years, Nordic Edge has become the largest Smart City event in the Nordics. Polis will be supporting the 2018 edition through a dedicated session related to the specific transport challenges and opportunities of Europe's small and medium-sized cities.

    25 September 2018 - 27 September 2018
  • CIVITAS Forum Conference 2018

    This year’s CIVITAS Forum Conference will take place from 19-21 September in Umeå, Sweden. The 16th edition of Europe’s premier sustainable mobility event will bring together the CIVITAS community from across the continent and beyond.

    19 September 2018 - 21 September 2018
  • C-ITS City Pool workshop

    A workshop for cities on urban C-ITS is being organised by the H2020 project C-Mobile as a side event of the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen. The purpose of this workshop is to continue discussions and knowledge sharing about urban C-ITS.

    17 September 2018
  • Citytech and the future of mobility, Milan 13-14 September 2018

    The 6the edition of Citytech will take place on 13-14 in Milan, Italy. The event consists of a conference and exhibition programme focusing on innovative urban mobility topics such as MaaS, automation, big data, electromobility and much more.

    13 September 2018 - 14 September 2018
  • Assises de la mobilité in Île-de-France

    The 5th edition of the Assises de la mobilité in Île-de-France will once again bring together all the players in the region. It will enable the Ile-de-France communities and partners mobility to meet and discuss the actions implemented and the mobility of the future.

    19 June 2018
  • MaaS meets City – When seamless travel becomes reality

    Polis is contributing to this MaaS symposium, which is organised by Fluidtime. Polis members Aarhus, Budapest Centre for Transport, London and Transport for Greater Manchester will take part to share their MaaS activities and visions and generally to convey the messages of the Polis paper on MaaS published in September 2017. There is a discounted registration fee for Polis members wishing to attend.

    07 June 2018 - 08 June 2018
  • MaaS meets City – When seamless travel becomes reality

    Polis is contributing to this MaaS symposium, which is organised by Fluidtime. Polis members Aarhus, Budapest Centre for Transport, London and Transport for Greater Manchester will take part to share their MaaS activities and visions and generally to convey the messages of the Polis paper on MaaS published in September 2017. There is a discounted registration fee for Polis members wishing to attend.

    07 June 2018 - 08 June 2018
  • Urban C-ITS roundtable

    Three leading European C-ITS initiatives supported by the European Commission (urban C-ITS pilot projects “C-The Difference” and “C-MobILE” together with the C-Roads Platform for C-ITS deployment on national and regional roads) are organising a joint workshop to strengthen commitment and to build momentum for a larger scale deployment of C-ITS in Europe.

    06 June 2018
  • C-ITS City Twinning Workshop

    C-the Difference will hold its final City Twinning workshop bringing together representatives from city and regional road authorities/operators with the aim to foster knowledge sharing about urban C-ITS. This workshop will provide insight to the lessons learnt and the initial results of the Helmond and Bordeaux pilots and will share testimonies from cities as well as users.

    05 June 2018
  • Europe’s Urban Energy-Mobility Transition

    Side event of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018

    05 June 2018
  • DATEX II Forum

    This event is intended to provide ITS system users, policy makers, software developers, information architects and ITS consultants an opportunity to become acquainted with the latest DATEX II developments. The 'urbanisation' of DATEX II is currently an important activity.

    23 May 2018 - 24 May 2018
  • URBAN FUTURE Global Conference 2019

    The URBAN FUTURE global conference is Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities. It’s the place to meet the most passionate and inspiring CityChangers from all over the world.

    22 May 2018 - 24 May 2018
  • ITS Directive evaluation workshop

    The EC is organising an open workshop to present and discuss with experts and other stakeholders the preliminary findings of the evaluation of the ITS Directive. Polis will take part in a panel discussion with other stakeholders.

    23 April 2018
  • Transport Research Arena TRA 2018 in Vienna, 16-19 April 2018

    From 16 to 19th April 2018, the 7th Transport Research Arena (TRA) will take place in Vienna, Austria


    16 April 2018 - 19 April 2018
  • CODECS C-ITS City Pool workshop

    The final workshop of the CODECS C-ITS City Pool will be hosted by Dublin City Council on 22 March 2018. The workshop will provide an opportunity to continue the city-focused discussions about C-ITS, including, what is the deployment status and prospects today, where can C-ITS bring benefit for transport authorities and what role could they play in the connected/C-ITS world of tomorrow.

    22 March 2018
  • Polis breakfast briefing: Automation and Cities and Regions

    Polis hosts a networking breakfast following the launch of our new discussion paper "Road Vehicle Automation and Cities and Regions". Polis member cities and regions along with the Polis secretariat look forward to briefing you on the paper and discussing automation with representatives of cities, regions, EU institutions, researchers and journalists during the networking breakast at the Polis premises.

    23 February 2018 - 1 document(s)
  • MaaS Market, concept to delivery

    Polis will take part in a panel debate on the first day of MaaS Market Europe, an annual two-day, international, senior-level conference for all organisations with an interest in putting into practice alternative forms of mobility, or Mobility as a Service.

    20 February 2018 - 21 February 2018
  • 2017 Annual Polis Conference

    This year's Annual Polis Conference on "Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions" will take place on 6 and 7 December 2017 in Brussels. The Polis Annual General Assembly (Polis members only) is scheduled for 5 December 2017.

    06 December 2017 - 07 December 2017
  • CODECS webinar on C-ITS roadmaps

    The aim of the webinar is to present those elements related to the European deployment of C-ITS, and those roadmaps that exist for and beyond initial deployment.

    05 December 2017
  • 1st EGVIA-ERTRAC European Conference: Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects

    With the support of the European Commission, the conference is a display of research results from road transport projects funded under Horizon2020.

    29 November 2017 - 30 November 2017
  • From C-ITS technology to mobility solutions - city twinning workshop

    The European project C-the Difference is holding a workshop as part of its City Twinning programme whose aim is to foster knowledge sharing and C-ITS pilot best practices exchange to accelerate the replicability of C-ITS services with group of follower cities.

    26 October 2017
  • CIVITAS CITYLAB Symposium "Innovative Solutions for Urban Freight Transport in the Era of the Circular Economy"

    The CITYLAB (City Logistics in Living Laboratories) consortium ( and partners from Rome are running a Symposium bringing together cities and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experience in urban forward and reverse logistics management

    20 October 2017
  • C-ITS workshop on I2V message architecture for long-term road works

    CODECS and the Amsterdam Group invite interested stakeholders to a workshop on I2V Message Architecture for Long-Term Road Works Warning (and beyond). It takes place on Tuesday, 17 October 2017, at the premises of the Federal Highway Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, BASt) in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

    17 October 2017
  • BrabantStad: Smart & Green Mobility Solutions Workshop - Wednesday 11 October 2017, Brussels

    11 October 2017
  • #EURegionsWeek 2017 - Regions and cities as agents of change for sustainable urban freight transport

    In the session of the #EURegionsWeek 2017, local authorities with the support of the networks Polis and ERRIN will present the solutions implemented at their level to tackle urban freight transport issues.

    11 October 2017 - 8 document(s)
  • NOVELOG cities stories & tools business models

    Over the past two years, the NOVELOG project has developed four tools to support city logistics policy formulation and decision-making, which have been tested in 12 cities. The preliminary outcomes from selected city cases will be presented at this workshop.

    11 October 2017
  • Vehicle automation: implications for city and regional authorities, joint CoEXist/MAVEN/TransAID workshop


    The H2020 projects hosting this workshop, CoEXist, MAVEN and TransAID, are all exploring the implications of increasing vehicle automation on urban roads. They are mainly considering the traffic management and infrastructure aspects of automated vehicles. CoEXist is also exploring the transport planning and policy dimensions.

    10 October 2017 - 12 document(s)
  • NOVELOG Mechelen Workshop ‘Sustainable & efficient logistics: what role for micro-consolidation? ’ + technical visit

    The NOVELOG consortium ( and partners from Mechelen are running a workshop bringing together cities and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experience in micro-consolidation centres, and the role of smart lockers in efficient and sustainable logistics.

    10 October 2017
  • European Week of Regions and Cities 9-12 October 2017

    09 October 2017 - 12 October 2017
  • 23rd edition of the Belgian Road Congress

    The Belgian Road Congress is organised every four years, and is not to be missed by professionals dealing with designing, constructing, managing and operating roads.

    04 October 2017 - 06 October 2017
  • POLIS Urban Mobility Breakfast

    Polis hosted a breakfast meeting in Brussels to discuss its newest discussion paper: "Mobility as a Service: What's the role of cities and regions?"

    19 September 2017 - 2 document(s)
  • Enabling the MaaS Ecosystem

    Fluidtime is organising the second Symposium on Integrated Mobility Strategies – "Enabling the Mobility as a Service Ecosystem" which will bring together leading experts from the transport sector to discuss the requirements for MaaS to become a reality.

    29 June 2017 - 30 May 2017
  • Europe's largest automated driving research project, AdaptIVe, to hold final event

    Join AdaptIVe for a first-hand experience of automated driving on motorways, in urban scenarios and in a multi-level parking garage. Nine AdaptIVe demonstrators, including passenger cars of various classes and one truck, have been developed and tested for three and a half years. Now, the AdaptIVe partners will showcase automated driving functions on public roads and in a simulated urban environment.

    28 June 2017 - 29 June 2017
  • CODECS workshop on hybrid communications in C-ITS

    The CODECS project will hold a workshop on hybrid communications in C-ITS (long and short-range comms) on Friday, 19 May 2017 in Brussels – the day after the final conference of the CIMEC project. This workshop will bring together representatives from the most important European C-ITS projects and key stakeholder organisations, who will share their views and expectations on hybrid communication.

    19 May 2017
  • Conference on C-ITS and cities

    The final event of the CIMEC project will focus on sharing the main findings of the project and on next steps.

    18 May 2017
  • CityLab workshop "Growth of Electric Freight and Consolidation in Urban Logistics"

    The London CITYLAB implementation is a trial of a scaling-up of a business model run by a large parcel carrier specialised in B2B deliveries (TNT) and a small ‘last-mile’ carrier specialised in electric freight deliveries (Gnewt Cargo).

    12 May 2017
  • Opportunities and Challenges for the Data Economy

    The findings of an EC-funded study on the current state of play of data in smart cities and smart mobility will be presented a full day’s workshop in Brussels on 10 May.

    10 May 2017
  • EU-US Urban Freight Webinar Series: #1 - Examples of Public-Private Collaboration in Freight Planning

    The US Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Freight Management and Operations (HOFM) and the European Commission’s (EC) Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport invite you to attend the first webinar in the Urban Freight Webinar Series: “Noteworthy Practices of Public-Private Sector Collaboration in Freight Planning”

    09 May 2017
  • NOVELOG Turin Workshop ‘Green solutions for the urban logistics’ + technical visit

    The NOVELOG Turin Workshop ‘Green solutions for the urban logistics’ is the fourth of six NOVELOG city workshops. It includes a technical visit of 5T (Telematic Technologies Transports Traffic Torino), to show how the vehicles involved in the NOVELOG project are monitored by the traffic control room of the City of Turin.

    05 April 2017
  • European Conference on connected and automated driving

    The European Commission has announced the first European Conference on connected and automated driving: 'Connected and Automated Driving – Together, shaping the future'

    03 April 2017 - 04 April 2017
  • Final conference of the BiTiBi project, 7 March 2017 Utrecht

    The BiTiBi project will hold its final Bike+Train+Bike Conference in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on 7 March 2017.


    07 March 2017
  • SULPiTER training webinar on SULPs & SUMPs

    Take part in a training webinar to learn more about Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans (SULPs) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)!

    07 February 2017
  • Making freight consolidation centres work - Experiences from Southampton

    This event will bring together freight transport and urban planning practitioners and policy makers to discuss latest developments on Urban Freight Consolidation in Southampton, including an option of site visit to Meachers Global Logistics Sustainable Distribution Centre facility in Nursling.

    27 January 2017
  • NOVELOG Workshop ‘New approaches to urban goods deliveries on-street and off-street’

    The NOVELOG Barcelona Workshop ‘New approaches to urban goods deliveries on-street and off-street’ is the third of six NOVELOG city workshops. It includes a site visit of one of the micro-platforms that are part of the NOVELOG pilot demonstration.

    19 January 2017
  • Stakeholder workshop for the preparation of EU guidance documents on urban logistics

    A stakeholder workshop in the framework of the preparation of EU non-binding guidance documents on urban logistics will take place on the 17th of January 2017 from 09h to 12h30 in Brussels

    17 January 2017
  • 2016 Annual Polis Conference

    The Polis Annual Conferences provide an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the wider transport community to engage with representatives of city and regional authorities on innovative transport solutions.

    01 December 2016 - 02 December 2016
  • Smart, Innovative & Sustainable urban mobility, Brussels 23 November 2016

    The European Commission (DG REGIO and DG MOVE) is organising an URBAN DEVELOPMENT NETWORK event bringing together cities to exchange knowledge and experiences in Smart, Innovative & Sustainable urban mobility on 23 November 2016 at Les Ateliers des Tanneurs in Brussels.

    23 November 2016
  • Smart Cities' event and TRACE Tracking Tools seminar

    The Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) is organising a meeting on Smart Mobility Services, which will take place on the 22nd November from 10.00 to 16.00 in Brussels.

    22 November 2016 - 1 document(s)
  • Webinar “How to procure innovative transport and mobility solutions”

    Organised by the H2020 SPICE project, this webinar aims to share knowledge and good practices on smart procurement in the transport sector and discuss challenges public procurers and industry face.

    17 November 2016
  • Workshop 'automated vehicles and urban traffic management'

    The MAVEN stakeholder consultation group will meet for the first time in Barcelona to share information and views on the subject of automated vehicles and traffic management.

    15 November 2016
  • C-ITS and cities workshop

    The workshop will be organised jointly by the CIMEC and CODECS projects in Barcelona just before the start of the Smart Cities Congress.

    14 November 2016
  • VREF Conference on Urban Freight: 17-19 October 2016, Gothenburg (Sweden)

    The Urban Freight Platform (UFP) organises on 17-19th October 2016 the second international conference on freight transports in urban areas. The three-days conference will take place in Gothenburg (Polis Member City) and will follow up on the success of the conference held in March 2015.

    More info here.

    17 October 2016 - 19 October 2016
  • Third workshop on C-ITS and cities, organised jointly by the CIMEC and CODECS project.

    14 October 2016 - 14 August 2016
  • Nordic Edge conference on Smart Cities: 6-7 October, Stavanger (Norway)

    Nordic Edge is organising the 2016 ‘Smart Cities’ conference on October 6-7 in Stavanger, Norway. The conference will be a great opportunity for exchanging knowledge and get inspired by decision makers from cities and municipalities, smart technology providers, change-making companies, startups, forward-thinking universities and dynamic organisations.

    06 October 2016 - 07 October 2016
  • CIVITAS FORUM Conference 2016

    CIVITAS FORUM Conference 2016 will take place on 28-30 September in Gdynia, with the theme "SHAPING THE MOBILITY OF TOMORROW".

    28 September 2016 - 30 September 2016
  • Workshop on new C-ITS use cases

    The CODECS project is holding a workshop on C-ITS use cases on 26 September 2016 at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. At this workshop, CODECS will share with you its preliminary findings on use case definitions, descriptions and priorities as well as roles and responsibilities in roadmapping for C-ITS deployment.

    26 September 2016
  • Workshop 'C-ITS standardisation requirements for the urban environment'

    This workshop is organised as part of the CIMEC project in order to identify the urban-specific standardisation requirements for C-ITS deployment.

    12 September 2016
  • No smart and clean mobility without the proper infrastructure and technologies

    The House of the Dutch provinces organises a seminar on smart and clean mobility on Wednesday September 7, 2016. Transport and mobility are great assets in our daily life, but without innovative and well maintained infrastructure we will be unable to progress towards more innovative, smart and clean transportation systems.

    07 September 2016 - 1 document(s)
  • SUMP Award: Webinar and launch of the 5th SUMP Award

    The 5th SUMP Award will be officially launched on Monday 5th September 2016. In order to provide local authorities with information and answers to their questions, a webinar will be held on the launch day, between 14.00 and 15.00.

    05 September 2016
  • Google & Co. or Public Transport Operators - Who is going to run public transport in the future?

    The Wiener Stadtwerke organises a debate on the future of mobility transport governance on tuesday 21st June in Brussels.

    21 June 2016
  • "Green Urban Mobility in 2030" session at the 2016 EU Sustainable Energy Week

    During Sustainable Energy Week, Dutch Railways Brussels and Arnhem Nijmegen City Region are organising an informative and inspirational session on "Green Urban mobility in 2030" on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 in Brussels.

    15 June 2016
  • EU Urban Agenda: The Dutch Approach

    The Dutch members of ERRIN (European Regions Research & Innovation Network) and the Netherlands’ Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations are organising the thematic networking event "EU Urban Agenda: the Dutch Approach" in Brussels.

    13 June 2016
  • CIVITAS summer course - Sustainable Urban Mobility

    The CIVITAS Initiative is running a three-day summer course from 7 - 10 June in the Spanish city of Málaga. The course will look at sustainable urban mobility in the context of quality of life in cities. There is great potential for sustainable urban mobility to contribute to making cities more pleasant places in which to live and spend time, with positive impacts on the environment, local economy, and even the physical and mental health of residents.

    07 June 2016 - 10 June 2016
  • Workshop on C-ITS and cities

    Workshop targeting representatives of city authorities to determine relevant new use cases for C-ITS and cities.

    06 June 2016
  • Final conference of CityMobil2 project

    After nearly four years of demonstrating fully automated road transport systems in 7 towns and cities across Europe, the CityMobil2 partners would like to share the projects results and their thoughts for the future deployment of these systems.

    01 June 2016 - 02 June 2016
  • CIVITAS Study tour on urban ITS in Helmond

    The study tour offers to experience innovations happening in the ‘silicon valley’ of Europe. Local innovators and policy makers will share their experience and practices. This tour is of particular relevance for professionals working in urban ITS and traffic management domain. Opportunity for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses for city representatives!

    30 May 2016 - 31 May 2016
  • Innovative Urban Freight Management Systems in Paris: CITYLAB project Symposium

    This event will bring together freight transport and urban planning practitioners and policy makers to discuss latest developments in the city of Paris, including an option of site visits to a logistics hotel and a construction site where consolidation options are being considered.

    26 May 2016
  • NOVELOG Special Session ‘City Logistics in an era of change’ - 3rd Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility

    The University of Thessaly, Department of Civil Engineering, Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Laboratory – TTLog, is organising the 3rd Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility in Volos, Greece on 26 – 27 May 2016. In the context of the Conference, the NOVELOG Special Session ‘City Logistics in an era of change’ will take place (Thursday, May 26, 14:00-16:00), where the NOVELOG partners from Turin, Barcelona, Graz and Athens will present their local pilots.

    26 May 2016
  • General Assembly of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Smart Cities and Communities

    The General Assembly is jointly organised by the European Commission Directorates-General for Mobility and Transport, Energy and Communications Networks, Content & Technology. It is an official associated event of the current Dutch Presidency. In its third edition, this event is the place to be for learning about key policy and market trends for smart cities and communities and creating new contacts and networks.

    24 May 2016
  • Urban ITS standardisation workshop

    One-day workshop organised by CEN to share information on the main actions arising from the pre-study on urban ITS standardisation needs and gaps, conducted in 2015/16 by a group of ITS experts, including Polis.

    20 May 2016
  • International Transport Forum (ITF) "Green and Inclusive Transport"

    ITF’s 2016 Summit on Green and Inclusive Transport will explore the importance of low-carbon transport as an essential element in the transition to a green growth economy as well as the changes needed to make transport more inclusive and provide access for everyone to jobs, public services, and other opportunities.

    18 May 2016 - 20 May 2016
  • Workshop on C-ITS corridor and other deployment initiatives

    The joint Amsterdam Group-CODECS workshop provides C-ITS deployment pilots and corridors with a platform to report their progress in making cooperative road traffic a reality.

    26 April 2016
  • Workshop on business models for collaborative mobility services

    Workshop addressing the exploitation and challenge factors related to a range of cooperative mobility services in the urban environment, organised under the TEAM EU project

    20 April 2016
  • Transport in action: boosting the take-up of sustainable urban mobility SOLUTIONS - International cooperation on low-carbon transport

    This two-day conference, the final event of the SOLUTIONS project, will showcase the activities performed by cities working together on sustainable mobility as part of the SOLUTIONS project.

    14 April 2016 - 15 April 2016
  • NOVELOG 1st Open Training Workshop: "Understanding urban freight transport"

    NOVELOG is a three year research project, supported by the EU HORIZON 2020 Programme, focusing on gaining insight into urban freight transport (UFT) and providing guidance for implementing effective and sustainable policies and measures. The NOVELOG 1st Open Training Workshop: "Understanding urban freight transport" will provide the opportunity for participants to discuss key issues of understanding cities’ urban freight transport (UFT) characteristics.

    14 April 2016
  • MOBI Seminar on Urban Freight "Grocery retailing in the UK and in Belgium"

    This final lecture by prof. Michael Browne in the VUB Chair series about city distribution is titled ‘Grocery retailing in the UK’- A model for control of the supply chain that tackles the questions with regards to the rise of discounters, the shift to more online shopping and the increasing number of small format stores. What is the impact of this new concept of retail on society?

    22 March 2016
  • MOBI Seminar "Together we're strong: Horizontal Collaboration in Logistics"

    20% of all the trucks in Europe are driving empty or only half filled. A huge opportunity lies in bundling good flows, making logistics more sustainable and cost-efficient. This seminar, organised by the MOBI (Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology) Research Centre, will concentrate on the horizontal collaboration between companies.

    15 March 2016
  • Norwegian workshop to explore vehicle to infrastructure communications

    A workshop to discuss and debate the merits and challenges of deploying cooperative systems in cities will take place in Oslo.

    10 March 2016
  • Vulnerable road user safety and ITS

    The final event of the VRUITS project will be held at Transport for London.

    03 March 2016
  • Cooperative vehicles and infrastructure workshop

    The first meeting of the CODECS-CIMEC City Pool will meet on 3 March 2016. The main points of discussion will be city requirements for C-ITS as well as supplier and vehicle manufacturer expectations.

    03 March 2016
  • Workshop to explore cooperative systems for cities

    A workshop to discuss and debate the merits and challenges of deploying cooperative systems in cities will be held in Bilbao.

    19 February 2016
  • CIVITAS Workshop on Electromobility in cities: In cooperation with the CIVITAS thematic group "Clean fuels and vehicles"

    This workshop will provide the latest update on the innovative solutions implemented in the CIVITAS DYN@MO and CIVITAS 2MOVE2 projects (

    16 February 2016 - 17 February 2016 - 17 document(s)
  • Workshop to explore cooperative systems for cities

    The city of Kassel is hosting a workshop to discuss and debate the merits and challenges of deploying cooperative systems in cities.

    02 February 2016
  • UK workshop to explore vehicle to infrastructure communciations

    Reading Borough council is hosting a workshop to discuss and debate the merits and challenges of deploying cooperative systems in cities.

    13 January 2016
  • 2015 Annual Polis Conference

    Following Polis members' Annual General Assembly on 18th November, the public conference will look into transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions.

    19 November 2015 - 20 November 2015
  • Busworld Academy Seminars

    From 19 to 21 October, Busworld Academy, the knowledge platform for the worldwide bus and coach sector, will be organising a series of seminars at Busworld Kortrijk 2015.

    19 October 2015 - 21 October 2015
  • European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference 2015

    The Third International Cycle Logistics Conference 2015 will take place in San Sebastian, from 15 to 17 October 2015. It is organised by the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF)

    15 October 2015 - 17 October 2015
  • CIVITAS Forum 2015

    The 2015 edition of the CIVITAS Forum Conference, which will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) between 7 – 9 October, will draw around 400 participants under the banner of ‘Sharing the City’ and focusing on reducing barriers and improving transport services for residents and visitors in European cities.

    07 October 2015 - 09 October 2015
  • NODES Final conference

    Join NODES Final Conference: Creating the next generation of urban transport interchanges – 22/09/2015, Brussels

    22 September 2015
  • TIDE Final Conference

    15 September 2015 - 16 September 2015
  • Amsterdam Group-CODECS workshop on C-ITS

    The Amstermam Group (multistakeholder group for a coordinated deployment of cooperative systems) and the CODECS project are organising a workshop to share latest developments regarding C-ITS deployment

    15 September 2015
  • Autonomous Vehicles Test & Development

    The Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2015 will bring together the world’s leading engineers in the field of autonomous vehicle research, testing, validation and development. The conference will be held in Stuttgart on June 17th -18th 2015

    17 June 2015 - 18 June 2015
  • TIDE Workshop - Cutting-edge solutions for advanced cities

    The European TIDE project closely cooperates with leading cities that have implemented innovative measures and are willing to share their advanced experience and knowledge with interested learning cities. In return, TIDE wants to offer these pioneer cities a platform to discuss cutting edge solutions with their peers.

    28 May 2015
  • EC ITS Conference

    A 'Digital Strategy for Mobility: from capacity to connectivity' is the theme of the EC's 5th conference on ITS, whose objective is to provide an overview of the state-of-play with regard to a number of key actions and major initiatives in the context of the ITS Action Plan and the ITS Directive 2010/40/EU.

    24 April 2015
  • ICT-Emissions Final Conference “Quantifying the Effect of Intelligent Transport Systems on CO2 Emissions from Road Transportation”

    ICT-Emissions project will come to an end in March 2015. Project results and recommendations will be presented to an expert audience at a Final Conference on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 in Brussels.

    31 March 2015 - 1 document(s)
  • Automated transport and the impact on cities

    The CityMobil2 project, which is demonstrating automated passenger transport systems in cities across Europe, is holding a workshop on the socio-economic impacts of road transport automation for cities and the wider economy.


    30 March 2015 - 31 March 2015
  • Improving cycling safety through ITS

    Workshop organised in the context of the VRUITS project (vulnerable road users and ITS).

    26 March 2015
  • ITS and Road safety Workshop and Working Group Days

    02 March 2015 - 04 March 2015
  • UTMC conference, including POSSE session

    The 2014 UTMC conference will take be held over two days and will comprise a session on the POSSE project, which UTMC is a partner of.

    02 December 2014 - 03 December 2014
  • 2014 Annual Polis Conference

    The Annual Polis Conference provides an opportunity for cities, metropolitan areas and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the wider transport community to engage with representatives of city and regional authorities on innovative transport solutions.

    27 November 2014 - 28 November 2014
  • Final conference of POSSE project

    The POSSE project on open specifications and standards in urban traffic management and ITS is coming to an end this year. POSSE partners welcome all interested local authorities, ITS associations’ representatives, the ITS industry and all other interested stakeholders to the POSSE final conference.

    19 November 2014
  • Transport Ticketing Conference - Central & Eastern Europe

    150 transport operators, municipalities and suppliers from across central and Eastern Europe get together to share smart ticketing experiences.

    08 October 2014 - 09 October 2014
  • OCA conference, including POSSE session

    The 2014 OCA conference will comprise a session on the POSSE project, which OCA is a partner of.

    02 October 2014
  • CIVITAS Forum 2014

    The 12th edition of the annual CIVITAS Forum Conference will take place between 23rd and 26th September 2014 in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco.

    23 September 2014 - 26 September 2014
  • Enhanced WISETRIP final event on multimodal travel information

    The Enhanced WISETRIP Final Event will provide an opportunity to showcase the achievements of the Enhanced WISTERIP project and contribute to the debate on priorities for delivering EU-wide multi-modal travel information.

    29 August 2014 - 1 document(s)
  • Final event of cooperative systems field test project - DRIVE C2X

    Discover the final results of the DRIVE C2X project, which involved seven test sites all over Europe, rolling out one common reference system for Car-to-X communication and testing functions for road safety and traffic efficiency as well as commercial applications.

    16 July 2014 - 17 July 2014
  • Smart Urban Freight Conference 2014

    Several EU research projects, industry stakeholders and public authorities will exchange on low emission vehicle technologies, policy initiatives, business models and much more!


    12 June 2014
  • Public Transport Complemented

    The webinar is entitled ‘Public Transport Complemented’ and will feature speakers from some of 2getthers members including PRT Consulting and ULTra Global PRT providing an introduction to Automated Transit Networks.

    29 May 2014
  • Webinar on Urban Consolidation Centers: UK Experience

    On May the 6th at 17h00 CET, the Volvo Research Educational Foundation Center of Excellence for Sustainable Urban Freight Systems is organising the last webinar on consolidation centers.

    06 May 2014
  • Smart Logistics Best Practices Conference

    This conference organised by the BESTFACT project will take place on the 11th of April in Paris. A new vision for future green logistic chains will be presented and discussed.

    11 April 2014
  • Growth of small scale solutions and small vehicle use in city logistics

    The next BESTFACT workshop will present small-scale solutions developed within a specialised niche marked in urban freight, green logistics and e-freight.



    29 January 2014 - 30 January 2014
  • 2013 Annual Polis Conference

    In 2013, the Annual Polis Conference will take place in Brussels. The Annual General Assembly for Polis members will take place around the conference.

    04 December 2013 - 05 December 2013 - 1 document(s)
  • Stakeholder meeting on open specifications & standards in ITS

    The next meeting of the POSSE Open ITS Systems Forum will take place in Brussels on 3 December. The meeting will take place the day after the European Commission conference on ITS (organised by DG MOVE) and the day before the 2013 Polis Conference. This makes an attractive programme of events.

    03 December 2013
  • EC ITS Conference 2013

    The conference will provide an opportunity to learn about the progress made with regard to a number of key actions and initiatives in the field of ITS.

    02 December 2013
  • EC hearing on pan-European multimodal information

    On 15 November 2013 the European Commission organises day-long discussions about how to enable the emergence of EU-wide deployment of Multimodal Travel, Information, Planning and Ticketing Services.

    15 November 2013
  • Horizon 2020: a major opportunity for research and innovation in regions - Ile-de-France Europe Days 2013

    The conference "Horizon 2020 : a major opportunity for research and innovation in regions" will take place on Wednesday 13rd November (11.00 to 17.30) in Ile-de-France Europe premises. Interpretation into French and English will be ensured.

    12 November 2013 - 13 November 2013 - 1 document(s)
  • CIVITAS Forum 2013

    The 11th edition of the annual CIVITAS Forum Conference will take place between 30th  September and 2nd  October in the main metropolitan center of Western Brittany.

    30 September 2013 - 02 October 2013
  • Workshop on cooperative systems deployment

    Workshop organised by the Amsterdam Group (of which Polis is a member) to present and discuss the group's roadmap for cooperative systems deployment.

    25 September 2013
  • 1st VRUITS interest group workshop on ITS for the safety of vulnerable road users

    The 1st VRUITS interest group workshop on ITS for the safety of vulnerable road users will take place in Brussels on the 18th of September. The  European project VRUITS, co-funded by the European Commission (DG MOVE), aims at providing recommendations regarding Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) applications for the improvement of the safety and mobility for Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs such as pedestrians, cyclists, PTWs, special user groups, elder drivers).

    18 September 2013
  • Straightsol Workshop in Brussels: TNT Express Mobile Depot


    Another innovative urban freight solution is being tested in Brussels. The TNT Mobile Depot will be used for last-mile deliveries and pick-ups. 

    02 July 2013
  • SYNAPTIC Project Final Event

    The SYNAPTIC Project Final Event will take place in the surroundings of Manchester Town Hall on Tuesday 18th June 2013

    18 June 2013
  • Polis workshop 'European networking, transport innovation & local authorities'

    The aim of this workshop is to show how local authorities have benefitted from sharing knowledge and experiences on transport policy and practice and how European funding opportunities have supported them in trying out new approaches.

    05 June 2013
  • ITS Europe Congress

    Dublin to host next ITS Europe Congress on the theme 'Real solutions for real needs'

    04 June 2013 - 07 June 2013
  • First meeting of POSSE Open ITS Systems Forum

    First meeting of the members of the POSSE Open ITS Systems Forum to be held in Dublin alongside the ITS Europe Congress.

    04 June 2013
  • Polis events at ITS Europe Congress

    During the ITS Europe Congress, Polis is orgainsing together with the Irish National Transport Authority a number of events related to ITS and network management for the benefit of city and regional authorities.

    04 June 2013 - 06 June 2013
  • CONDUITS City Pool meeting

    The meeting is targeted at local authorities (and other interested partieis) with an interest in tools to support decision making on ITS and traffic management.

    04 June 2013
  • International Transport Forum 2013 Annual Summit: Funding transport

    Ministers from over 50 countries along with key transport leaders from public administration, business and academia will meet at the Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum to debate transport issues of strategic importance.

    22 May 2013 - 24 May 2013
  • DG MOVE workshop on Enablers for Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services

    Workshop organised in the context of ITS Directive and ITS Action Plan

    16 April 2013
  • Sustainable Urban Transport 2013

    How to turn knowledge and experience from urban freight demonstration projects and research studies into everyday practice in towns and cities across Europe?

    10 April 2013 - 12 April 2013
  • Straightsol demonstration workshop: DHL's Urban Consolidation Centre, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

    A new 'hybrid' concept for an Urban Consolidation Centre (UCC) will be tested within the STRAIGHTSOL project: deliveries to local retailers and a commercial mall will be combined. This interactive workshop will present the first results of the demostration and will be complemented with a technical visit.

    07 March 2013
  • ICT-Emissions Exploitation Group meeting

    The ICT-Emissions poject on assessing  the impact of ICT measures on CO2 emissions organises an Exploitation Group workshop on March 7th in Brussels.

    07 March 2013
  • FOT-Net 8th Stakeholders Workshop

    Lessons learned from Pilots on Cooperative Systems

    26 February 2013
  • IEE Info Day 2013

    The current Intelligent Energy Europe call for project proposals contains € 65 million available for funding. An information day is organised by the European Commission.

    23 January 2013
  • Final STADIUM User Group of Cities Meeting

    The STADIUM project invites cities from across the world to meet in London and exchange on the experiences made using ITS applications to organise transport during large events. This final user group meeting will be hosted by Transport for London who will share experiences from the Olympics 2012.

    10 December 2012 - 1 document(s)
  • Achieving the goals of the White Paper on Transport: how civil society can help with delivery

    The European Economic and Social Committe will host a conference in order to explore novel means to ensure the open participation of civil society into the EU policy-making with the aim to strengthen the public endorsement and the overall efficacy of the EU legislation.

    07 December 2012 - 1 document(s)
  • Annual Polis Conference 2012

    Polis presidency Perugia was the host of the 2012 Annual Polis Conference on 29-30 November. On 28 November, the Polis Annual General Assembly (AGA) took place (Polis members only) as well as the TIDE Launch Workshop, to which conference participants have been invited.

    29 November 2012 - 30 November 2012 - 1 document(s)
  • 5th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL '12)

    ECITL '12 will focus on  Smart Freight to enable sustainable logistics solutions and will highlight innovations and applications in this area.

    07 November 2012 - 09 November 2012
  • Understanding the contribution of ITS to urban mobility

    Polis and Kapsch to hold a joint session during the ITS World Congress

    24 October 2012
  • ITS World Congress

    Under the motto "Smarter on the way" the congress will focus on serving customers, connecting seamlessly and encouraging sustainability.

    22 October 2012 - 26 October 2012
  • EC Conference on Urban Mobility

    EC Vice-President Siim Kallas invites urban mobility stakeholders to the conference 'Towards competitive and resource efficient urban mobility' to take place in Brussels on the 17th of September.

    17 September 2012
  • Evaluating new solutions for urban freight: Smartfusion-Straightsol common workshop

    The Smartfusion and Straightsol projects will discuss cutting edge solutions and evaluation methods for urban freight logistics.

    03 July 2012
  • FREILOT final event

    Together with the eCoMove project, the FREILOT pilot will present on June 19 in Helmond its main results and lessons on cooperative ITS technologies for urban road goods transport.

    19 June 2012
  • FOT-Net seminar on FESTA for beginners

    FOT-Net project is organising a seminar on the FESTA methodology for beginners in Pisa on 9-10 May

    09 May 2012 - 10 May 2012
  • International Transport Forum 2012

    Ministers from over 50 countries along with key transport leaders from public administration, business and academia will meet at the Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum to debate transport issues of strategic importance.

    02 May 2012 - 04 May 2012
  • 2011 Annual Polis Conference and Polis Annual General Assembly

    Polis & the European Economic and Social Committee invite to the conference: Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and region.

    29 November 2011 - 30 November 2011 - 3 document(s)
  • Workshop on exploitation of FOT results

    FOT-Net workshop on expectations from various stakeholders, including policy makers, from results of Field Operational Tests

    28 November 2011
  • Intelligent Cities Expo 2011

    Intelligent Cities Expo 2011 is an exhibition and conference, dedicated to the holistic development of smart and sustainable cities of the future. It will take place on 8-10 November in Hamburg.

    08 November 2011 - 10 November 2011
  • Final TURBLOG workshop

    Workshop on "Transferability of urban logistics concepts and practices from a worldwide perspective"

    20 September 2011 - 21 September 2011 - 1 document(s)
  • CONDUITS final conference

    Final CONDUITS event organised jointly with 2DECIDE project 'Towards better ITS decision making and impacts assessment for public authorities'

    22 June 2011
  • Berlin International Conference of Commercial / Goods Transport in Urban Areas

    European cities need to find solutions to the ambitious aims set in the recent EU White Paper on Urban Mobility concerning air pollution, noise and CO2emissions. The conference recognises the importance to find better solutions for the planning and management of commercial transport and urban goods movements.

    07 February 2011 - 08 February 2011

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