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ISAAC project

Modal Choice in a Multimodal Transport System, May 8-9, Brussels

The Final Conference of CEDR's Transnational Research Programme “User Needs in a Multimodal Context” (2015), that funded the ISAAC and STTRIDE projects, took place on Thursday, 9 May in Brussels, Belgium.

Presentations given at the conference as well as the user survey report and the press release can be found on the right hand side.

A recording of the conference is available:



About ISAAC: Stimulating safe walking and cycling within a multimodal transport environment

The ISAAC project develops evidence-based recommendations to achieve modal shift in favour of walking and cycling - without compromising road safety, social security and comfort.

ISAAC brings together research findings and expertise from relevant disciplines including health and care, environment, transport and urban planning and traffic safety.


ISAAC is a two-year project running from September 2016 until August 2018. The project is funded by CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2015. Consortium partners are SWOV (NL, Coordinator), VIAS (BE), TU Dresden (DE), TOI (NO) and Polis (BE).


ISAAC developed the PedBikePlanner, a tool that helps planners to identify the most effective and appropriate road safety measures for their city.

Access it here:

The instrument advises based on local conditions; on current travel patterns and modal split, road safety, the road environment, population and policy ambitions. Implementation costs are also considered in the recommendations. The guide will provide tailored suggestions for appropriate interventions, considering several characteristics of cities, their ambitions and target groups related to modal shift.

Involvement of cities

The draft checklist and guideline will be reviewed and discussed with stakeholders from a number of European cities to test its user-friendliness, its practicality, and its usefulness in different conditions.

More Information

Project Coordinator:
SWOV, Dr. Gert Jan Wijlhuizen

Polis Project Manager:
Dagmar Köhler

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