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Limburg (NL)

Limburg (NL)

The Province of Limburg is situated in the southeast of the Netherlands. About two thirds of the province borders on Germany and Belgian, therefore cross border traffic and transport is an important subject in the regional mobility policy. The regional public transport system comprises both regional trains and buses, and is characterized by an integral system, whereby buses feeder on regional train services. The city of Venlo has been elected the logistic hotspot of the Netherlands for a number of consecutive years. Multimodal transport of goods is promoted and facilitated by concentration of terminal facilities in two locations. Traffic safety is also an important issue in the regional mobility policy. A number of years ago the province has adopted the slogan “Making a point of zero”, thereby striving for zero casualties in traffic in the near future. Our approach is three-sided: improvement of infrastructure, lifelong learning in traffic education, and enforcement of traffic laws.

The province of Limburg is involved in Eurekarail and e-GLM (e-Green Last Mile).

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  • Management Committee: No
General Information
  • Land area: 2.210 km²
  • Total population: 1.117.941
  • Population density: 520 inhab/km²
Road network length
  • Motorways: NA
  • Main roads: 450 km
  • Secondary roads: NA
  • Cycling network: NA
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: 11,7 billion km per year
Public transport
  • Metro: 0 - Train: 4 lines / 185 km
  • Tram: 0
  • Bus: 115 lines / 2.000 km
Modal split
  • Car: 74 %
  • Public transport: 11 %
  • Cycling: 7 %
  • Walking: 3,5 %
  • Other 4,5 %

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