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Province of Utrecht (NL)

Province of Utrecht (NL)

The province of Utrecht covers 144,915 hectares and includes 26 municipalities and almost 1.3 million inhabitants. The densely populated and centrally located province is a part of the Randstad, conurbation of Western Holland. Utrecht is a special province. This is due to its location, centrally in the country and in a beautiful and varied (urban) landscape.

The province of Utrecht wants to ensure good accessibility in a healthy environment. This strengthens the economy and promotes a sustainable living environment. Good accessibility is important both by car, public transport and by bicycle.

Within the Utrecht region there are 30 road administrators on local, regional as well as national level. Therefore a multilevel governance of road administrators on strategic, tactical and operational level is needed.

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General Information
  • Land area: 1385 km²
  • Total population: 1.286.068 inhab
  • Population density: 928,6 inhab/km²
Road network length
  • Motorways: 0 km
  • Main roads: 300 km
  • Secondary roads: 80 km
  • Cycling network: NA
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: NA
Public transport
  • Metro: 0
  • Tram: 3 tramlines
  • Bus: 130 buslines
Modal split
  • Car: 74 %
  • Public transport: 14 %
  • Cycling: 9 %
  • Walking: 3 %
  • Other NA

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