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Vervoerregio Amsterdam (NL)

Vervoerregio Amsterdam (NL)

Vervoerregio Amsterdam is the transport authority for the Amsterdam region. As the administrator of regional traffic and transport, we help ensuring good connections between destinations in the region so people can travel quickly, safely and in comfort. We are doing so by combining the knowledge, expertise and administrative capacity of the fifteen municipalities that form this regional body, which includes the city of Amsterdam. We are committed to look for symbiosis with fellow authorities, educational and knowledge institutions, social organisations and the business community wherever possible to develop innovative solutions to our region's mobility challenges.

As transport authority, we commission and subsidize the public transport services, stimulate cycling through the development of regional cycling routes and bicycle parking facilities, and finance overall improvements and upgrades of the region’s infrastructure. With our approach we aim at safe infrastructure in combination with safe behaviour to reduce traffic casualties. Based on this diverse, regional profile, the transport authority Amsterdam seeks to develop its engagement with Polis as an integral approach covering the entire range of thematic focuses of the network.

Vervoerregio Amsterdam is involved in the EU projects: Socrates2.0 and Concorda.

Vervoerregio Amsterdam has published the following documents:

  • Member Type: Associate Member
  • Management Committee: No
General Information
  • Land area: 805
  • Total population: 1.528.535
  • Population density: 1.889
Road network length
  • Motorways: NA
  • Main roads: 201 km (roads without cycle lanes)
  • Secondary roads: 1591 km (roads with cycle lanes)
  • Cycling network: 619 km
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: 3.821.337,5
Public transport
  • Metro: 4
  • Tram: 15
  • Bus: 101
Modal split
  • Car: 43%
  • Public transport: 7%
  • Cycling: 29%
  • Walking: 18%
  • Other 3%

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