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Sofia (BG)

Sofia (BG)

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the country's largest city. Sofia is the administrative, industrial, transport, cultural, congress and academic centre of the country. Sofia is a dynamic city which has seen a steady growth in population and the urban area in recent decades. Sofia's transport system is well-developed and it is a significant part of the national transport scheme. Major investments for the construction of the metro, renovation of public transport vehicles and infrastructure have been made over the last years with the support of EU funds. Since 1990, the number of private cars has significantly increased which is causing more and more congested roads. Therefore, Sofia Municipality and Sofia Urban Mobility Centre aim to decrease the share of private cars in favour of sustainable and environment friendly modes. One of the many goals of Sofia Municipality is also to create better organization of transport management in Sofia, by expanding the use of intelligent transport systems. The vision of Sofia is to become “The green and smart capital of Bulgaria - model of sustainable development”.

Sofia is/was involved in the EU projects: Smarter TogetherURBiNATFLOWSUMPs-Up and Park4SUMP.

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General Information
  • Land area: 1311 km²
  • Total population: 1.325.429
  • Population density: 965,9/km²
Road network length
  • Motorways: 134 km
  • Main roads: 299 km
  • Secondary roads: 2988 km
  • Cycling network: 55 km
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: NA
Public transport
  • Metro: 2
  • Tram: 14
  • Bus: 100 + 9 Trolleybus
Modal split
  • Car: 30,7%
  • Public transport: 37,4%
  • Cycling: 1,8%
  • Walking: 29,7%
  • Other 0,4 %

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