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Prague (CZ)

Prague (CZ)

The city of Prague is the economic, cultural and scientific centre of the Czech Republic. It has been the capital city since the beginning of the Czech state in 10th century AD with a very well preserved historical city centre which is the largest area listed on the UNESCO Heritage list. Today, Prague is a vibrant city with many cultural and sporting events. It is the seat of the administrative bodies of the Czech Republic, is home to more than 10 universities and many international companies, and attracts thousands of tourists every year. More than 1.2 million inhabitants live inan area of almost 500 km sq.

The administrative structure of the city consists of the City of Prague administration which has responsibility for the whole city, 22 administrative districts and 57 city boroughs.

The city of Prague’s membership of Polis is geared towards sharing experiences on traffic problems and finding possible solutions together. Prague’s greatest interest is in the field of road safety, particularly for vulnerable users. For this reason, the City of Prague is active in the Polis Road Safety Working Group. Prague is involved in EU projects:

Prague is involved in several EU projects:


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  • Management Committee: No
General Information
  • Land area: 496 km²
  • Total population: 1.249.026
  • Population density: 2518 / km²
Road network length
  • Motorways: 86
  • Main roads: 380
  • Secondary roads: 3292
  • Cycling network: 344
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: 7 bill. vehicle km/year
Public transport
  • Metro: 59,1 km
  • Tram: 141,6 km
  • Bus: 683 km
Modal split
  • Car: 33%
  • Public transport: 43%
  • Cycling: 1%
  • Walking: 23%
  • Other NA

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