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Arnhem Nijmegen (NL)

Arnhem Nijmegen (NL)

The Arnhem Nijmegen City Region is a vast metropolitan area in the east of the Netherlands. Consisting of 19 municipalities, its aim is to promote regional cooperation in close cooperation with its triple helix stakeholders. The region presents itself as an attractive, easily accessible region with a strong competitive position worldwide. It is a region where people like to live and work and in which companies and organizations are willing to invest in the region's profile on Health, Energy, Food and Sustainable Mobility.

Cycling is one of the region's policy priorities, that's why the region has been selected to host the 2017 Velo-city Conference. Moreover, the city of Nijmegen is National Cycle City 2016 and has won the European Green Capital Award 2018. In addition, the region is increasingly developing activities and innovations in the field of (sustainable) emobility, e.g. through a clean mobility center in the city of Arnhem.

Arnhem Nijmegen is involved in E-BUS 2020, LNG pilots on the Rhine and Waal rivers, CLINSH, H2 Nodes (Arnhem hydrogen tanking facilities), E-FACTS (Electric Vehicles For Alternative Transport Systems), CHIPS, Climate Active Neighbourhoods and Velo-city 2017 Conference.

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General Information
  • Land area: 1.019 km²
  • Total population: 765.224 inhabitants
  • Population density: 750 inhab/km²
Road network length
  • Motorways: 190 km
  • Main roads: 273 km
  • Secondary roads: 4.403 km
  • Cycling network: NA
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: NA
Public transport
  • Metro: NA
  • Tram: NA
  • Bus: NA
Modal split
  • Car: 52 %
  • Public transport: 18 %
  • Cycling: 30 %
  • Walking: NA
  • Other NA

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