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Many cities and regions work hard to improve their local transport systems and to react to today’s challenges in a sustainable and effective way. Many show courage by introducing innovative and daring measures: they start pilot projects and sometimes become forerunners in their field. “Members in the Spotlight” provides Polis’ members an opportunity to showcase their activities and to share their experiences.

Member in the Spotlight | June 2016 | Rome, IT

European Cycling Challenge 2016 in Rome - What an impressive performance! #PedalaPerRoma

#PedalaPerRoma (Pedal for Rome) was the official hashtag chosen by RSM (Mobility Agency city of Rome) to launch the ECC 2016 (European Cycling Challenge). We also decided, for a mutual benefit, to connect the competition with the EU project PASTA, aiming at the promotion of active mobility in EU cities (i.e. walking and cycling), in which Rome is one of the 7 case study cities involved.


For the whole month of May, ECC has been hosted on the @PastaRoma twitter account, where info and news have been displayed daily. New hashtag, new brochure and most important a new approach towards the challenge as a whole.

For the very first time Rome has gathered an unexpectedly big group of local cycling NGOs which have massively contributed to the process of both planning and disseminating the ECC 2016 edition. Once brought on board the NGOs all we had to do was to “pedal like hell” and we did! We have proved wrong those romans who still think investing in “cyclability measures” is a waste of public money or “Rome is not Copenhagen” answer when it comes to change modal shift.

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