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April 2016

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Dear members,

Next week will see the release of the 2016 Polis Conference call for speakers! We are currently finalizing priority topics that reflect our members' interests and needs for exchange. This year's Polis Conference will take place on 1 and 2 December in Rotterdam, following the General Assembly on 30 November. All information will be provided on the conference page http://www.polisnetwork.eu/2016conference.

Do keep an eye on your mailbox next week for the call for speakers. We look forward to receiving numerous contributions from Polis members!

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For now, I wish you a pleasant read!

Yours sincerely,
Karen Vancluysen
Secretary General


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Polis Network News

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Polis Side Event "Creating the liveable, inclusive and healthy city" at the International Transport Forum on 18 May 2016 in Leipzig, Germany

The Polis Working Group on Environment & Health in Transport in cooperation with the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) and the PASTA project, will host a Side Event during the 2016 International Transport Forum Summit on May 18th. The event will outline the link between health and transport, including the Health economic assessment tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling, and air quality. You're invited!

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The best of Dutch cycling culture workshop, Monday 25 April in Brussels

Polis is organising a workshop featuring our Dutch members as European leaders in cycling on Monday, April 25th. The event aims to present innovations in the field of cycling for other cities and regions in Europe to learn from.

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Members in action

Flemish Region: The Kilometer Charge for heavy goods vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes enters into force on 1st April 2016

On April 1st 2016, the Kilometer Charge for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) of over 3.5 tonnes will enter into force in the three Belgian Regions. The Brussels-Capital Region, the Flemish Region and the Walloon Region are relying on this measure to reform the method for financing road infrastructure and facilities by introducing a charge based on distance covered, aimed more at the use than the ownership of a lorry. The political decision was taken by the Regions, who are responsible for mobility. The coordination and control of this measure are managed by Viapass, an inter-regional entity of public law.

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People in Gent cycle more!

Bicycle use in the city of Gent has tripled over the past three years. Car use decreased with 20 percent in the same period. These are results from a study that the city conducted last year to monitor the travel behaviour of its residents.

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European projects

SUMP Kits, SUMP Glossary and SUMP Self-Assessment tool produced by CH4LLENGE

The key outputs of the CH4LLENGE project are now available for download at the urban mobility observatory Eltis.

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Read the new CityMobil2 newsletter

The CityMobil2 newsletter #7 is out! You can download it directly from the project's website here.

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PTP-Cycle sixth newsletter online

The PTP-Cycle project came to an end in March 2016 and as such this is the last edition of the project newsletter. Read more in this issue about the final conference which was held in February, and key findings and conclusions which are presented in the newly published PTP-Cycle Final Report.

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CIVITAS training: shared and inclusive mobility

CIVITAS is organising a free training that will look at the potential offered by shared mobility services. The sharing economy is a big topic of conversation and shared mobility services, such as BlaBlaCar, Car2Go and Uber are becoming common ways to travel. Shared mobility offers opportunities but also challenges to cities aiming to develop inclusive transport systems.


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CIVITAS training: Urban freight and the sustainable city

The CIVITAS Initiative is organising a free training on urban freight and logistics at the 8th European Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference in Bilbao (Spain) from 27 - 29 April 2016. The training will take place on the day before the start of the conference on 26 April.


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TRACE and FLOW projects at SUMP conference in Bremen

The TRACE and FLOW projects which look into active travel modes will participate in a session on “Tools to support walking and cycling planning” of the SUMP conference.

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News from the institutions

Open public online consultation on the development of a comprehensive, integrated Research, Innovation, and Competitiveness Strategy for the Energy Union

The European Commission has opened a global consultation on research follow-up in the transport and energy sector

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EAFO Website now live

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory website is now officially live. Last newsletter also available

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EU road safety statistics for 2015 call for fresh efforts to save lives on EU roads

Today, the European Commission published the road safety statistics for 2015. While European roads remain the world's safest, figures show no improvement compared to 2014. For the first time, the report includes a figure on the number of people seriously injured on Europe's road.

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You have to be logged in to access this content. Please click here to log in or here to find out more about joining Polis.

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