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June 2016

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Dear members,

It was a great pleasure for us to launch the first version of the 2016 Polis conference programme last week, featuring many presentations of Polis members’ latest urban transport innovations! Registrations are open now as well and we encourage you to secure your seats as soon as possible for our annual highlight, this time taking place on 1-2 December and kindly hosted by our President Rotterdam. Polis members can register for free for up to three representatives. As usual, our Annual General Assembly is scheduled the day prior to the conference, i.e. 30 November. We aim to have a very interactive AGA this year and are also developing a dedicated study tour programme for our politicians to take place in parallel with the AGA, followed by a Political Group lunch on 1 December. Further details will follow soon.

Last week, our politicians also met with EC Vice-President Sefcovic to discuss the upcoming EC Communication on the decarbonisation of transport, to hand over Polis’ new position paper on this topic, and to present members’ local best practice in the field of low-carbon and low-emission mobility. Read more about our meeting in this newsletter.

Knowing that many of our members are forerunners in the field of SUMPs as well as urban freight, we also encourage you to keep an eye on and apply for the 5th edition of the SUMP Award which will precisely focus on these topics. More info in this InfoPolis!

We also reflect on the likely impact of the BREXIT and what is next for urban transport, even though at this stage there are more questions than answers.

Please login to the Polis website as a member to access all information addressed to Polis members only (green headline). If you do not know your login details, please contact us.

Finally, let me also take this opportunity to wish you all a splendid and sunny summer and well-deserved holidays!

Kind regards,

Karen Vancluysen

Polis Secretary General


Thinking Cities: May 2016 issue released

Thinking Cities May 2016 issue "Smart parking in the thinking city" is now online. Download here.

The TRIP Research Theme Analysis Report on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) has been published

The report has analysed decade’s worth of C-ITS projects submitted by academics, policy makers and private sector organisations to TRIP. It provides a comprehensive review of C-ITS progress and points to standardisation and principles of interoperability as the biggest barriers facing the widespread adoption of the technology in Europe. Download here.

The SIMON 5th newsletter is available

The SIMON project develops digital solutions for parking for disabled people, and works with Polis members Reading and Madrid. Download here.


Click here to view a list of all upcoming events.

Polis Network News

2016 Polis Conference: Draft programme and registrations now open

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the draft programme of the 2016 Annual Polis Conference which will be hosted this year by Polis president City of Rotterdam on 1-2 December! Registration is now possible online.

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Polis meets VP Sefcovic to discuss Decarbonisation Strategy

On 24 June, Polis political representatives met with Maros Sefcovic, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the Energy Union. Also Deputy Secretary General of the European Commission Jean-Eric Paquet joined the meeting to discuss the upcoming European Commission strategy on the decarbonisation of transport.

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Members in action

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European projects

Get ready for the 5th SUMP Award

Every year, the SUMP Award is presented to cities and regions that show excellence in developing and implementing their sustainable urban mobility plans. The award focuses on a different thematic aspect of sustainable urban mobility planning each year.

This year, the thematic will be Freight in sustainable urban mobility planning.

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NOVELOG Graz Workshop 'Challenges for implementing sustainable City Logistics'

The NOVELOG Graz Workshop 'Challenges for implementing sustainable City Logistics' will take place on 20 July 2016 in Graz (Austria). The workshop will bring together stakeholders from Graz and other European cities, in order to present and discuss their experiences on solutions implemented, examine possibilities of transferability and solution adoption by other cities, identify successful business models and evaluation of interventions.

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EAFO - July Newsletter

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) newsletter for July 2016 is now available online.

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FLOW Call for Market Forerunners and Marketplace Followers and Newsletter N2

The FLOW project has just released its second newsletter and is looking for applications from transport planning consultancies to participate in two workshops in FLOW partner cities.

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Polis Smart Cities Position and Growsmarter Stockholm interview

On the latest edition of Eurotransport magazine, Polis highlighted its position paper and the City of Stockholm presented its views concerning the deployment of electric charging infrastrucure in its urban area.

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CIVITAS workshop on electric charging infrastructure: presentations available!

On the 16 and 17 of June several local authorities presented during a CIVITAS workshop hosted in Rotterdam their key strategies, measures, needs and challenges when deploying electric charging infrastructure.

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Around Europe and beyond

CHUMS project final conference: 5 July, Leuven - everything you wanted to know about carpooling!

The strategic aim of CHUMS is simple – to “attract carpoolers, match them and retain them”, to keep the numbers rising, and to develop and transfer this proven practice across Europe! The project has its final conference in Leuven, on the 5th of July.

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Apply for being the next European Green Capital

The call for application for the European Green Capital opened recently and will close in November 2016. The 2019 European Green Capital will be selected by a jury of independant experts in 2017.

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BREXIT: what is next for urban transport?

The outcome of the UK Referendum is still fresh, and history is in the making as we write this article. Is it quite certain that over the next half year, the United Kingdom will start a (maximum) two year’s negotiation about conditions to leave the European Union.

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European Cycling Challenge 2016 in Rome - What an impressive performance! #PedalaPerRoma

#PedalaPerRoma (Pedal for Rome) was the official hashtag chosen by RSM (Mobility Agency city of Rome) to launch the ECC 2016 (European Cycling Challenge). We also decided, for a mutual benefit, to connect the competition with the EU project PASTA, aiming at the promotion of active mobility in EU cities (i.e. walking and cycling), in which Rome is one of the 7 case study cities involved.

For the whole month of May, ECC has been hosted on the @PastaRoma twitter account, where info and news have been displayed daily. New hashtag, new brochure and most important a new approach towards the challenge as a whole.

For the very first time Rome has gathered an unexpectedly big group of local cycling NGOs which have massively contributed to the process of both planning and disseminating the ECC 2016 edition. Once brought on board the NGOs all we had to do was to “pedal like hell” and we did! We have proved wrong those romans who still think investing in “cyclability measures” is a waste of public money or “Rome is not Copenhagen” answer when it comes to change modal shift.

In the previous two editions Rome has progressively grown in numbers, this year though we felt particularly confident and set an audacious goal to reach 200.000km in a month. Well, surprise surprise, Rome not only reached the goal: it went beyond it, having pedaled 205.240km, a cheering +18.5% more than 2015. Both participants (+10.7%) and active cyclists (+14.7%) have progressed from the 2015 edition, showing the potential of cycling through the city.

Other useful ECC data:

  • Over 28.000 journeys
  • 56% bike-to-work journeys
  • 7.4 km average daily distance
  • 13 km/h average daily speed

Thanks to this hard work, also Pasta benefited from the partnership with ECC:

  • 199 more volunteers in the month of Maytook part in the Pasta survey (2nd best month for recruitment since the launch of the on line questionnaire https://survey.pastaproject.eu/roma)
  • Currently Rome is the 1st of the 7 case study cities, having recruited 1952 participants.

Initiatives such as ECC and projects like Pasta make us proud to play a key role in sharing a new European sustainable urban mobility culture with the citizens of Rome. Hard work always pays off!

As we’re writing Rome has welcomed a new Mayor, Virginia Raggi, the first woman ever to walk in the Campidoglio. Wishing Ms. Raggi the very best for the tough job she will be facing over the next five years, we reaffirm our allegiance and intention to keep the momentum going towards a more efficient and sustainable city.

Buona fortuna!

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