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December 2016

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Dear members,

2016 has been an active year for Polis and its members as this year's Annual General Assembly and Polis conference in Rotterdam showed. The city of Rotterdam was unanimously re-elected to be the president of the Polis network for a second term in 2017 whereas the London European Partnership for Transport and the Dutch city region of Arnhem-Nijmegen were elected to join the Management Committee of Polis.

With over 450 registrations we are were delighted to see the Annual Polis Conference has become a key event for urban mobility experts to meet each other and discuss transport innovation. To consult the conference outcomes, we prepared a web page where you can find all presentations and photos.

As you will see, this InfoPolis is quite rich in information with an interesting call not to be missed (the Electric Mobility Europe call for projects), the long-awaited strategy on cooperative ITS recently published by the European Commission and the final publication of the CityMobil2 project which summarises activities and results as well as main recommendations to local, national and European authorities.

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For now, I wish you a pleasant read of this year's final issue of InfoPolis. We wish all our members a Merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you in 2017!

Kind regards,

Karen Vancluysen

Secretary General


The deadline for presenting suggestions for the 5th edition of the European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Congress extended till the end of the year.

More info here.

Florinda Boschetti attended on Dec. 13-14 in Utrecht the stakeholder consultation on "Environment and Health for European Cities in the 21st century" launched by the WHO.

Suzanne Hoadley took part in discussion on cities, regions and digitilisation at DG MOVE press event on 17 November

Suzanne Hoadley shared insights to local authority views on data, MAAS, C-ITS and automation at ITS: tools or toy seminar on 22 November

Suzanne Hoadley presented the city perspective on C-ITS at the Urban Development Network event on 23 November

As part of the work of Polis Global Platform, Daniela Stoycheva gave feedback on the study “Towards a Single and Innovative European Transport System - International Assessment” during a validation workshop on 28 November in Brussels

Thank you for joining the 2016 Polis Conference!

We were delighted to welcome you at last week's 2016 Polis Conference in Rotterdam!

450 delegates contributed to reaching the next level in tackling local challenges through urban transport innovation. A recap of the whole conference is available here.


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Polis Network News

New issue of 'Thinking Cities' magazine released

The latest issue of our magazine 'Thinking Cities' was released on 1 December at the 2016 Polis Conference, titled: "Creating the autonomous city?". 'Thinking Cities' is a cooperation of Polis with publisher H3B media. It is available as pring magazine and online.

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Video clip "Rotterdam, new cycling capital in the Netherlands"

Polis conference delegate JP Amaral from Brazil has recorded a video clip about cycling in Rotterdam. Have a look (in Portuguese, soon with English subtitles)!

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Members in action

Madrid wins 'Thinking Cities' Award

The 'Thinking Cities' Award was presented to the city of Madrid on 1 December at the 2016 Polis Conference in Rotterdam. Sergio Fernández Balaguer from EMT Madrid (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid) received the prize for his inspiring and valuable presentation on smart mobility solutions implemented in Madrid by the MoveUs project.

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Ready for the 6th edition of the European Cycling Challenge 2017?

Polis member Bologna is inviting cities from all over Europe to join the "European Cycling Challenge 2017" (ECC2017), which will take place in May. In 2016, 52 European cities from 18 different countries participated, involving 46.000 cyclists who together cycled 4 million km.

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Activities of EC's urban and public transport WG on C-ITS

Polis is an active member of the urban and public transport group of the C-ITS Deployment Platform coordinated by DG MOVE of the European Commission, which already met on two occasions (in September and November 2016).

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European projects

Presentations of the 1st MAVEN stakeholder consultation with cities about automation are now online!

MAVEN (Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network) organised its first stakeholder consultation meeting with local authorities and urban road stakeholders in Barcelona on 15 November. A short report and presentaitons are available to download.

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Call for Contributions: International Cycling Conference 2017 & PASTA final conference

PASTA project - Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches, is organising its final conference in cooperation with the International Cycling Coference (ICC2017) in Mannheim on 19-21 September 2017. Save the date!

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Bike share takes off

On Nov. 30th in Rotterdam, European city politicians gathered at the first European Bike Share conference and signed a ‘statement of support’ to promote bike sharing. In addition the 160 delegates heard of the plans to set up a global bike share platform to help cities, operators and others to run and spread bike share more efficiently.

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Read CityMobil2 final publication: Experience and recommendations

The CityMobil2 project which demonstrated Automated Road Transport Systems (ARTS) in urban environment, officially came to an end in August 2016. However, the last publication of the project has been launched in early December at the Polis Conference in Rotterdam (1-2 December 2016). A summary of the CityMobil2 activities and results as well as the main recommendations of the project partners to local, national and European authorities are gathered in the new booklet: "CityMobil2 Experience and Recommendations".

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Successful year for the Smart Cities Marketplace (EIP-SCC)

Have a look at the current state of play of the Market Place of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) after a successful 2016.

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Final conference of the BiTiBi project, 7 March 2017 Utrecht

The BiTiBi project promoting combining bicycles and trains for transport will hold its final conference in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on 7 March 2017.

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Electric Mobility Europe call for projects, deadline 6 February 2017, 17:00 CET

To further promote and advance electric mobility in  Europe, European countries and regions together with the European Commission and the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association set up the Electric Mobility Europe Call 2016 (EMEurope Call 2016).

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News from the institutions

EC strategy on C-ITS deployment is published

The European Commission has published its long-awaited strategy on cooperative ITS. The strategy sets out a number of actions under a range of areas. The option of using the ITS Directive, whose 5-year extension is currently being adopted, to mandate (some of) these actions is not ruled out.

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Around Europe and beyond

ECOMM Call for Presentations open until 16 December

The European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM) invites sustainable transport stakeholders to submit abstracts to present at ECOMM 2017. Next year's ECOMM takes place 31 May - 2 June 2017 in Maastricht, NL.

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OddEven.com: the non-profit research and information portal on the global Odd-Even traffic restriction phenomenon

Polis would like to raise your attention on OddEven.com – a non-profit research and information portal  that specialises in providing news and research on the global Odd-Even traffic restriction phenomenon.

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International conference on transport and health is accepting abstracts for presentation

The International Conference on Transport & Health (ICTH) will be held June 27-29, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The event is open to policy-makers, practitioners and academics from multiple disciplines involved in transport planning and engineering, public health, urban planning, spatial and architectural design, environmental planning, economics and beyond.

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Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) factsheets and policy papers available

The Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI), led by UN-Habitat in cooperation with the urban mobility SOLUTIONS network continues to support cities to develop implementation concepts for integrated sustainable transport measures. Polis is also a member of the UEMI.

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