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November 2017

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Dear members,

I would like to remind you that you can register until 25 November for the 2017 Polis conference which will take place in Brussels on 6-7 December. The Polis Annual General Assembly (AGA) for the year 2017 will take place on the afternoon of 5 December at 14.00 and all members are invited to register online. If an elected official of your city or region would like to take part in the political activities, please let us know.

We have high level speakers confirmed for the Closing Plenary - The changing role of the local authority in transport service provision – including the General Manager for Los Angeles Department of Transportation and President of NACTO, Ms. Reynolds; the Minister of Mobility and Public works of the Brussels capital region, Mr. Smet; the Head of Unit mobility services from the Ile-de-France Mobilités, Mr. O'Neill, and the CEO from Donkey Republic, Mr. Ovacik. Polis members can register up to three delegates for free. Download the draft programme here to learn more!

Yesterday, the much-awaited second part of the Mobility Package ‘Europe on the Move’ was published by the European Commission. This includes a revised Clean Vehicle Directive which will set out the procurement requirements for new vehicles purchased by cities and regions. The package also sets new CO2 emission reduction targets (cars and vans must have 30% lower CO2 emission by 2030, compared to 2021) in order to accelerate the transition towards low and zero emission vehicles. You can read more in this newsletter.

Please login to the Polis website as a member to access all information addressed to Polis members only (green headlines). If you do not remember your login details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For now I wish you a pleasant read.

Kind regards,

Karen Vancluysen

Secretary General


Polis presented at the CIVINET Romania and at "Тowards a Humane City” conference in Novi Sad.

Polis' Pasquale Cancellara spoke about the FLOW project in a workshop co-organised with CIVINET Romania on 25/10/2017 in Timisoara and at the 6th International Conference “Тowards a Humane City” in Novi Sad (Serbia) on 27/10/2017.

Shift to smaller vehicles can save CO2.

More info here.

Polis MaaS paper presented at the Intelligent Transport Conference

Polis's Luana Bidasca shared the questions raised by Polis member in London on 31 October regarding Mobility as a Service. More information here.

Polis presented at Road Safety Days in Gothenburg

Polis' Dagmar Köhler presented city road safety strategies and challenges to protect VRUs at the Safety Days hosted by Volvo on 7 and 8 November in Gothenburg.


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Polis Network News

Draft programme updated of 2017 Polis Conference

This year's Annual Polis Conference takes place on 6-7 December 2017 in Brussels. Many members speak in the parallel sessions and plenaries, including political representatives of Flanders, Ile-de-France and Rotterdam.

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Register now! Paying for mobility in a MaaS context: 22 November 2017

POLIS, in partnership with London's European Office and MasterCard, invites you to a seminar on: Paying for mobility in a MaaS context.

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You have to be logged in to access this content. Please click here to log in or here to find out more about joining Polis.

Polis takes part in EU-Singapore workshop on CAVs

Polis took part in a workshop on EU-Singapore cooperation in the area of ITS during the ITS World Congress in Montreal on 30 October. The focus of the session was connected and automated vehicles.

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European projects

Successful REFORM conference on SUMPs and multi-level governance

On Thursday 26 October 2017, representatives of cities, regions, national governments and European institutions came together in Brussels to exchange on SUMPs.

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New European network vitalises Europe’s 88 urban nodes

The new EU funded project VitalNodes promotes efficient, yet sustainable freight delivery for the last-mile at the nodes of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). TEN-T improves the flow of goods, but increasing traffic cannot result in a burden for the areas along the corridors. Mitigating such negative consequences, VitalNodes brings existing networks together - building a network of networks.

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FLOW project: register now for upcoming e-Learning opportunities!

On 13 November 2017, the FLOW project will launch a new online course presenting the tools developed and the policy context for applying them. Each FLOW e-course is offered for four-five weeks with expert moderation and allows for interaction with FLOW experts and with colleagues from across Europe.

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The CIVITAS Tool Inventory is online!

The CIVITAS Tool Inventory is an online database of 100+ tools and methods that helps local authorities make better informed decisions about which planning tools to apply in their given local context.

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Join the CIVITAS 2018 peer-exchange programme until 17/11!

The CIVITAS SATELLITE peer-exchange programme offers a tailored hands-on learning experience on implementing transport measures through work placements and study visits for up to 30 city representatives across Europe.

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Register Now! Smart goods distribution and logistics webinar from the GrowSmarter project

21.11.2017 - This GrowSmarter webinar will feature presentations and discussions on the topic of smart goods distribution and logistics of the three Lighthouse Cities - Stockholm, Barcelona and Cologne.

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News from the institutions

New EU proposals are a step forward to improve vehicle emissions and get in line with the Paris Agreement goals

The European Commission proposed new targets for the EU fleet of new passenger cars and vans to help accelerate the transition to low- and zero emission vehicles.

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Funding opportunities and partner search

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Around Europe and beyond

ECOMM2018 call for presentations open - deadline 10 December

The Municipality of Uppsala, the Uppsala County Council and Uppsala University together with EPOMM proudly announce the opening of the Call for Presentations for the 22nd European Conference on Mobility Management – ECOMM 2018, which will take place in Uppsala, Sweden on the 30th of May to 1st June 2018.

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Winter is coming: the effect of cold-spells in cities

The Wuppertal institute need your help defining cities’ consideration of cold-spells (extended periods of significantly colder than ‘normal’ weather) and their effects on cities. As part of the EU FP7 project StratoClim (stratoclim.org, and below*), we are looking into the socio-economic effects of cold spells on European cities, including predictions of their frequency and severity into the future.

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