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November 2018

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Dear members,

Let me thank all of you for making this year’s AGA and Annual Conference a great success! Last week we welcomed a record number of 550 participants in Manchester, and we were delighted to see so many of you there, showcasing the work you are doing and sharing your views on the future of sustainable urban mobility. All the presentations, photos, and press releases of the conference are available here.

During the conference, we also signed a manifesto in support of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and handed it over to Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General of DG MOVE and European Coordinator for Road Safety. Polis Member Gothenburg won the 2018 Thinking Cities award for using geofencing to enforce speed limits and to activate electric powertrains of hybrid vehicles upon entering the urban environmental zone. Ahead of the conference, Polis held the 3rd joint workshop with the International Transport Forum’s Safer City Streets Initiative. On that occasion, the ITF released the first-ever global benchmarking for urban road safety.

Looking ahead, make sure to already block your calendars for our next conference! The 2019 edition will take place in Brussels in the week of 25 November 2019 and will also mark the 30th anniversary of Polis (an additional reason to be there!).

I wish you a pleasant read!

Karen Vancluysen
Secretary General


The EC has started the evaluation of the 2013 Urban Mobility Package.

Give your initial feedback by 18 December here.


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Polis Network News

Record number of participants for 2018 Polis Conference

Let me thank all of you for making this year’s Annual Polis Conference a great success! With a record number of 550 participants, the 2018 Polis Conference in Manchester was the most popular edition ever. The presentations, photos, and press releases of the conference are available online.

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Polis Secretary General signs ISA manifesto

During the Opening Plenary, Polis Secretary General, Karen Vancluysen, signed a manifesto in support of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). ISA is a vehicle safety technology helping to prevent speeding. The manifesto was then handed over to Matthew Baldwin, deputy director general in the European Commission as the EU is currently negotiating about new safety standards for vehicles in the future.

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New issue of Thinking Cities released: "Citizens shaping the thinking city"

Polis and H3B Media launched the 11th issue of the magazine Thinking Cities at the 2018 Polis Conference in Manchester last week. The issue’s cover topic is: “Citizens shaping the thinking city”.

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European cities and logistics industry kick off strategic dialogue on urban freight solutions

On Wednesday 21 November, the POLIS Working Group meeting on urban freight and ALICE, the European Technology Platform for logistics, launched a permanent public-private stakeholder dialogue, to pave the way and speed up the transition to CO2-free city logistics by 2030.

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Members in action

Gothenburg wins Thinking Cities Award

At last week's 2018 Polis Conference, Malin Andersson received the Thinking Cities Award supported by TomTom for Gothenburg's digital zone management through geofencing. Geofencing has been used to enforce speed limits and to activate electric powertrains of hybrid vehicles upon entering the urban environmental zone.

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The Metropolitan City of Bologna has adopted their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

On November 27, the Metropolitan City Council and the Municipality of Bologna have adopted a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan which defines the transport strategy and projects of Bologna metropolitan area in the coming years. This is the first SUMP approved in Italy at the metropolitan level and is the result of a participatory process with citizens, municipalities, districts, unions of municipalities and stakeholders.

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Sustrans announces plan for major overhaul of the National Cycle Network

On 12 November, Polis member Sustrans launched the first review of the 16,575-mile National Cycle Network. In its “Paths for Everyone” report, the charity unveiled the current state of the 23-year-old Network and a long term plan to make it traffic-free, safer and accessible to everyone, including children, wheelchair users, those riding non-standard cycles and the less physically active.

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European projects

MORE launch event: Streets are Ecosystems

The MORE project publicly launched yesterday with a one-day event in London. The project coordinator Peter Jones (UCL) explained the novel approach of streets as ecosystems. Later, the industry and public stakeholders discussed this approach and the tools and design proposals for the digital street.

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New webtool "PedBikePlanner" launched at 2018 Polis Conference

At last week's 2018 Polis Conference in Manchester, ISAAC project coordinator SWOV launched the “PedBikePlanner” webtool. Based on the characteristics of a city, the webtool provides tailormade recommendations about how walking and cycling can be stimulated in that particular city without compromising safety.

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Invitation to join the debate on SUMP 2.0: Reshaping the EU SUMP Guidelines

Titled "SUMP 2.0: Reshaping the EU SUMP Guidelines", the event forms part of the current ongoing process to update the EU Guidelines for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). It will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 12 December, 09:15 - 13:00, at the office of Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU.

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Cities can apply now to join next SUMP learning programme

The CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project has opened a call for local authorities to take part in its next SUMP Learning Programme. Up to 25 planning authorities have the chance to join the 6-month long learning activities, which will start in May 2019. This group of mobility practitioners will complete the SUMP Expert Group of 90 local authorities.

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Express your views about automated driving: survey online until 18 December

How will the future of urban mobility look like with increased automation in transport? Take a short survey online and express your personal views on automated driving across a broad range of domains including potential policy goal effects (congestion, safety, etc), the integration of automated vehicles in the transport network, measures that local transport authorities and national authorities could take, whether you would be willing to use an AV and under which circumstances and finally the senstive issue of liability.

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New project dealing with regulatory and governance aspects of disruptive mobility starting soon

A new European project investigating the regulatory and governance aspects of new disruptive mobility services will kick off on 1 December. To mark the launch of this project, a launch event is being held during the afternoon of 10 December 2018 in Brussels.

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Around Europe and beyond

First-ever Global Benchmarking for Urban Road Safety presented at ITF-Polis Joint Workshop in London

The International Transport Forum (ITF) has released today the Global Benchmarking for Urban Road Safety at the Polis-ITF Joint Workshop "From Safety Data to Safer City Streets" in London. This is the first-ever urban road safety benchmark gathering data from cities worldwide. Some Polis members contributed to the document.

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Invitation to discuss the role of local authorities for a 'Vision Zero' in road safety

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) invite local authorities to join a PIN Talk on road safety and a “vision zero” on 11 December in Rome and on 14 December 2018 in Paris.

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