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June 2019

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Dear members,

We had a great time celebrating Polis 30th anniversary last week! Thanks for your commitment to the network and to co-creating sustainable and innovative transport solutions within Polis.

For those of you who were not able to join us, don’t worry, we will continue our celebrations at the AGA and annual conference! Very soon we will release the draft programme of the Polis conference, taking place on 27-28 November 2019 in Brussels, with the AGA scheduled for the day before. Please, keep an eye on this page where you will find all information concerning our annual highlight.

This newsletter is particularly rich with content on your local innovative mobility solutions, be it the regulation of new mobility services such as e-scooters in Paris, the new Low Emission Zone in Rome, or the peer-to-peer exchange on Electric Vehicle infrastructure between London and the Dutch cities. You can find more information in the “Members in action” section of this newsletter.

For now, I wish you a pleasant read and a relaxing summer ahead!

Kind regards,

Karen Vancluysen
Secretary General


Polis moderates "Green and Smart Mobility: new solutions for the mobility of the future"

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New issue of Thinking Cities released: “Finding balance in the thinking city”

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Polis Network News

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You have to be logged in to access this content. Please click here to log in or here to find out more about joining Polis.

You have to be logged in to access this content. Please click here to log in or here to find out more about joining Polis.

Save the date: Polis-ITF Road Safety workshop in Lisbon, 16-18 October 2019

From 16-18 October, Lisbon will host the next joint workshop of Polis and the International Transport Forum's "Safer City Street" initiative.The workshop will focus on road safety data, indicators and evidence, and how to use this information locally.

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Members in action

Lille's citizens share their views on driverless mobility

Today, driverless mobility pilots are mushrooming in many cities but they take little account of the expectations of users, considering the subject first and foremost as an industrial and economic issue. To counter this tendency, forums gathering more than 700 citizens were organised during spring 2019 in 13 cities in Europe, North America, and Singapore.

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New rules for eScooters in Paris

On 6 June, the city of Paris adopted new rules for eScooter operations, which should come into force from July 2019 onwards. These rules are deemed necessary due to the delay in the adoption of the new national mobility law (loi d'orientation des mobilités), which itself will regulate eScooter operations.

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Rome implements automatic control of vehicle access restrictions in city centre core

The city of Rome has installed technology to manage the limited traffic zone of the Tridente core area of the city centre, home to the Piazza del Populo and the Spanish Steps. The purpose of installing electronic gates is to enforce the vehicle restrictions in place since 2014, thereby improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and enhancing access for Tridente residents and local business.

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Navigo Easy changes ticketing services in Île-de-France

From June 12th, a new card has been added to the wallets of those traveling within the Île-de-France: Navigo Easy, this contactless, practical, reusable and ecological card, allows to simultaneously store different tickets and aims to gradually replace single-use magnetic tickets.

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When London boroughs get inspired by Dutch cities

In May 2019, representatives of several London Boroughs and the London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT) travelled to the Netherlands for a study tour on electric mobility. City officials and researchers from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem presented the problems they face and the solutions they implement for developing electric mobility. A brochure summarising this exchange between Polis members has just been published.

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Remote sensing of vehicle emissions in Flanders

Polis member Flanders Region is currently implementing a remote sensing campaign aimed at vehicle emissions as part of a broader policy study.

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European projects

Urban logistics in metropolitan areas - SULPiTER recommendations

The SULPiTER project has identified shortcomings and solutions related to the last mile freight distribution in the perspective of Functional Urban Areas (FUAs)

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Applications for the 8th SUMP Award on Safe Walking and Cycling are open

The call for applications for the 8th SUMP Award was officially launched at the occasion of the 6th SUMP Conference, in Groningen, on 17 June 2019. For this edition, the theme of the SUMP Award is "Safe Walking and Cycling". Applications can be submitted until 31st October 2019.

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BuyZET cities publish Procurement Plans for zero-emission deliveries

The BuyZET project ended on May 31st, and the three core cities of the project (Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo) have published their Innovative Procurement Plans for zero-emission transport, to be implemented in the coming years.

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27 September, ASSURED Workshop - Utility and delivery e-trucks and e-vans

Within the ASSURED project (www.assured-project.eu), Polis coordinates the ASSURED Urban Freight User Group (UF UG), to exchange on and validate the project innovations. The next meeting will be held in Bilbao (Spain) on Friday 27 September 2019.

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A successful INCLUSION mid-term dissemination event in Groningen (The Netherlands)

INCLUSION participated in the 2019 European Conference on Sustainable Mobility Plans (SUMPs) which took place on 17-18 June in Groningen, the Netherlands, with multiple activities including a successful mid-term dissemination event.

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News from the institutions

Road safety: European Commission sets out next steps towards “Vision Zero” including key performance indicators

On 19th June, the European Commission has published details as to how it intends to put its Strategic Action Plan on Road Safety into practice.

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New SUMP guidelines for sustainable urban mobility planning are out and up for review

A draft of the new SUMP Guidelines was presented at the sixth annual SUMP Conference in Groningen on 17-18 June 2019. The text is now up for review until 9 July 2019.

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Urban Agenda for the EU updates: new brochure and report

"The State of play of the Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action" and "The Future of Cities report" are now enriching the Urban Agenda for the EU

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Funding opportunities and partner search

Interreg Europe peer review service is open until June 28

A new Call for Peer Reviews is now open until the 28th of June 2019: this service offers personalized advice from experts on the challenges that policy makers for mobility, renewable energy and energy efficiency are facing.

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Around Europe and beyond

US transport planners association adopts policy paper on mobility data

The US association of transport planners, NACTO, has issued a policy paper on Managing Mobility Data, which it drafted together with the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA).

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The role of the public sector in governing MaaS

The metropolitan transport authority association EMTA has recently launched an excellent paper on the governance of MaaS A perspective on MaaS from Europe‘s Transport Authorities.

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New reports: Sustainable transport infrastructure charging and internalisation of transport externalities

To what extent are the ‘user pays’ and ‘polluter pays’ principles applied in transport policy in European countries?

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Fleet owners worldwide call for more than a 100,000 zero emission freight vehicles, and counting!

Countries, cities/regions and companies have gathered forces and started a call for action pledging the automotive industry to produce more zero emission freight vehicles. Within the first ten weeks, 39 organisations have signed the call representing a collective demand of 101,882 zero emission freight vehicles.

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