Issue #36
July 2011

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Dear members,

2011 is a year of transition for Polis, as many of the projects which we have been involved in together with you are coming to an end. As projects come to an end, we heartily welcome the good news received in the past weeks concerning the approval of project proposals in which several of you are involved. These projects cover complementary topics, such as freight transport, cross-border multimodal journey planners, electric vehicles for urban freight delivery and the assessment of ITS contributions to the reduction of transport related emissions.

We are also delighted to have the opportunity to offer you new perspectives on our common work on sustainable urban and regional mobility. At the beginning of July, we met with DG SANCO (health and consumers) of the European Commission, and identified a range of topics and issues which we are working on which could benefit from analysis of the health perspective. On the 29th of September in Dresden, our working group meeting on transport and health will bring together high level experts to explore this issue which has often been underestimated. We believe that stressing the health consequences of a more sustainable urban and regional mobility could help your activities in your cities and regions. We therefore encourage you to attend this meeting.

I wish you all a good summer!

Yours sincerely,
Sylvain Haon


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Update on Polis Annual Conference

The draft programme of the 2011 Polis Annual Conference will shortly be released; registration will open at the same time. The conference is being organised jointly with the European Economic and Social Committee and will be held in Brussels on 29 & 30 November. Please note that the Polis AGA will take place immediately after the conference on 30 November.


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