Issue #68
December 2012

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Dear members,

2012 has been an active year for Polis and its members, as has been concluded at this year's Annual General Assembly (login to see the activity report) in Perugia.

One of the highlights was this year's Polis Conference in Perugia. More than 70 representatives of Polis members took the opportunity to meet, exchange and discuss ideas. The win through synergies has been demonstrated by Polis member Centro in their presentation "Transport Supports Jobs, Skills and Social Inclusion - Raising the Profile and Priority of Transport" - to name just one example.

To follow up take a look at the Polis website: You find the presentations, photos and a video summarizing the conference.

To read the full InfoPolis articles, do not forget to log in to the members area at www.polisnetwork.euContact us if you do not know your login details.

Enjoy reading this year's final issue of InfoPolis. We wish all our members a merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you in 2013!

Yours sincerely,
Sylvain Haon
Secretary General


Latest Tweets

@POLISnetwork: Innovative urban freight delivery solutions demonstrated at the citylog & citymove final event 

@POLISnetwork: Listen to voices from #Polis in #Perugia: #ThinkingAloud features 2012 Polis Conference! http://thinkinghighways.com/podcasts/?id=6577 #polis12 @ThinkingHwys

@POLISnetwork: 1EUR #noise charge in #Stockholm to enter specified "Quiet Zone", located within congestion charge area. #CityHush http://www.cityhush.eu/

Share the experience you had at the 2012 Polis Conference!

Representatives from more than 40 cities and regions met at the 2012 Polis Conference. Were you among them, did you learn anything new, did you establish new contacts? Share your experience from the Polis Conference with us!

Video clip of 2012 Polis Conference

Released today: A brand new 4 minutes video gives insights in this year's Polis Conference. Find out what has been said in Perugia: http://www.polisnetwork.eu/annual-conference


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Polis Network News

Press release: Horizon 2020 transport budget

European transport research actors call for the Horizon 2020 budget for “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” to be maintained at the EUR7.69bn level proposed by the European Commission.

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SYNAPTIC Roundtable on January 30th, in Brussels in the Offices of Polis

The SYNAPTIC Roundtable on seamless mobility will take place on January 30th, in Polis offices in Brussels, Troonstraat (Rue du Trône) 98, from 10.30 - 17.00 hrs.

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Polis joins 3iBS expert group

Polis joined the 3iBS expert group, represented by the Polis secretariat and Polis member STIF. Led by UITP, The intelligent, innovative, integrated Bus Systems project (3iBS) is the follow up of EBSF (European Bus System of the Future), to continue striving for increased performance, accessibility and efficiency of urban bus systems.

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Members in action

Fired-uP: FIRE services Develop innovative Procurement

London Fire Brigade and the City of Ghent, Belgium are cooperating in a project co-financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme of the European Union: Fired-uP.

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Amsterdam launches new car sharing platform at community level

Amsterdam has recently launched WeGo, a peer to peer car sharing platform that allows non car owners to rent cars from car owners in their neighbourhood by the hour or by the day.

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Emilia-Romagna presents electro-mobility projects at conference in the European Parliament on 4 December

Emilia-Romagna region hosted a conference at the European Parliament on December 4 to present their electro-mobility projects and debate on how European Regions can contribute to the EU strategy for cleaner cities.

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Contactless payment now accepted on London’s buses

London’s bus passengers can now use their contactless debit, credit or charge card to touch in on the yellow Oyster card readers on any of London’s 8 500 buses

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Bologna launches European Cycling Challenge 2013

Following the successful European Cycling Challenge in 2012, Bologna is launching a new challenge in 2013.

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Call for the Brussels Region for new ideas and examples on the optimization of the use of public space

Brussels Capital Region is expecting a population growth of 180,000 units by 2020. This is why Brussels launched a prospective study into the combined use of urban public space in October this year. The Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) has been mandated with this work and is looking for innovative measures, ideas and reflections to optimize public space.

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ITS Europe Congress

Dublin to host next ITS Europe Congress on the theme 'Real solutions for real needs'. The 9th European Congress and Exhibition will be held 4–7 June 2013 at the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD).

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European projects

TIDE call for champion cities open

The mission of the European-funded TIDE project is to enhance the broad transfer and take-up of 15 innovative urban transport and mobility measures throughout Europe and to make a visible contribution to establish them as mainstream measures. TIDE will select ten champion cities to develop concrete and tailored implementation scenarios which will help them integrate one of the TIDE innovative measures in their local transport policy.

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Reducing transport noise in cities: CityHush presentations and newsletter online

Following the CityHush workshop "Acoustically Green Cities" at the 2012 Polis Conference in Perugia, an additional seminar and workshop for local authorities took place in Stockholm. Participants discussed transport noise abatement and the CityHush research findings. All material is available online.

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News from the institutions

The role of civil society in the delivery of the goals set in the White Paper on Transport

A conference-debate under the title “Achieving the goals of the White Paper on Transport: How civil society can help with delivery” was organised in Brussels on December, 7.

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Funding opportunities and partner search

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Around Europe and beyond

Guidance for more walking and cycling in cities

NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the UK, has recently published a guidance setting out how people can be encouraged to increase the amount they walk or cycle for travel or recreation purposes.

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Cost-benefit analyses for cycling projects

Study reveals that switch from the car or bus to the bike has a positive social benefit that can vary from a few Euro cents per kilometre when switching from car to bike, to about 50 cents when switching from bus to bike.

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CIVITAS webinar on mobility training for specific target groups. SAVE THE DATE: 22 January.

The CIVITAS Thematic Group on Mobility Management is organising a webinar on mobility training for specific target groups. The webinar is free to attend. Registration will open around mid January.

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