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September 2013

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Dear members,

we are right in the middle of the 2013 European Mobility Week (EMW) during which more than 2,000 cities in 43 countries implement activities to create a more sustainable mobility culture. A lot of Polis members decided to join this year and registered their activities covering car-free days, info sessions and bike ralleys as well as permanent measures on the central Mobility Week's website.

Polis helps spreading the word of its members' EMW activities on twitter, have a look and share your activities with us!

This InfoPolis also allows you to get a more detailed insight into a Polis member's accessibility strategy: Dresden applied for the European Commission's "Access City Award" and is today's "Member in the Spotlight".

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Yours sincerely,
Sylvain Haon
Secretary General


Latest Tweets

@POLISnetwork: RT @afionamclean@STARSEuropeOrg official launch during @mobilityweek. Visit @POLISnetwork at #Sustainable2Wheels at the #EP tomorrow.

@POLISnetwork: #Bilbao rented out #ebikes and #pedelecs for free today. @mobilityweek in Bilbao continues with inspiring programme: http://bit.ly/1aQfvTj

@POLISnetwork: #Puglia presents "INTERMODAL MOBILITY DAYS". Rich programme of events promoting cycling @RightMixEU #MobilityWeek http://mobilita.regio...


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Polis Network News

Parking: third EPA-Polis workshop opens discussion about on-street parking provision - presentations now online

On 10 September, the day before the EPA Congress, 65 parking and urban transport professionals gathered to discuss how we can make on-street parking a success. The workshop brought food for thought on issues such as planning, tarriff schemes, enforcement, technology and service provision. Results of the workshop will be presented at the Polis annual conference (4-5 December in Brussels) in the form of a position paper.

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Members in action

Scottish government vows to eliminate car emissions by 2050

The Scottish government has echoed the targets of the 2011 EU White Paper for Transport by establishing their own roadmap to free towns and cities from car emissions by 2050.

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European projects

Three EU projects join forces to suggest policy improvements in infomobility

PRESS RELEASE: The POLITE project together with two other European projects – SUPERHUB and RITS-Net - will join forces in an Intermediate Open Workshop organised by POLITE. During the workshop they will make a common analysis on policy and governance improvements in ITS for Public Transport.

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Modal shift to public transport with the use of ITS

An article in the magazine 'Eurotransport' describes the work achieved so far by the POLITE project with the main objective: Encouraging modal shift to public transport with the use of ITS.

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News from the institutions

New European Commission initiative to promote physical activity in Europe

On August 28 the European Commission adopted an initiative on health-enhancing physical activity. This is the first ever proposal for a Council Recommendation on sport. But the proposal spans all policy sectors - such as transportation - that can enable citizens' to be or to become physically active. In that respect, Polis members will talk health and tranport in the upcoming Working Group meeting on September 19th.

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Apply now: EU Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) Award for cities

This week, the European Commission opened the 2nd edition of the EU's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) Award. Cities and regions can submit their applications for the Award of EUR 10 000 online.

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Draft Report on alternative fuels infrastructure presented at TRAN Committee

Draft Report of the Rapporteur on the Clean Power for Transport Package was presented at the European Parliament TRAN Committee meeting on Monday, September 16.

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Member in the Spotlight: Dresden to be the city accessible to all

Dresden has applied for the ”Access City Award“ of the European Commission. Dresden has about 13 000 cultural monuments which provoke a careful balance between monument conservation and the needs of disabled persons. The city’s continuous efforts of being a barrier-free city are highly effective.

At the present time, Dresden’s city centre is nearly barrier-free and the most important public buildings, museums and venues are accessible for everyone. Additionally, there are about 170 free parking spaces and about 70 toilets for disabled persons in the city centre, which is an untypically high rate for a German city.

To reach those places, most of the public transport in Dresden’s city centre was created in a barrier-free way, which is also a greatly beneficial for mothers with prams, travellers with heavy and bulky luggage or elderly persons.

A lot of continuative offers using IT-media amplify Dresden’s endeavours. As a basis of them, the websites of Dresden are largely designed in a barrier-free way, which permits the readers to use a screenreading programme. Besides a various supply of print media, you can also find on Dresden’s websites an interactive city map... CONTINUE READING.

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