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August 2014

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Dear members,

We are reaching the end of a very intense Summer period, during which the Polis secretariat and many among you have been intensely working on projects proposals for the Horizon 2020 transport call.

It also announces an interesting Autumn for Polis and transport in Europe. At the European level, the transport committee of the European parliament will start working in the coming weeks, while we expect a new transport Commissioner to be appointed at some point in the next two months. Polis will be following this closely and expect that its message on a need for a greater coordination of European policies of relevance for urban mobility will be heard.

There is also an exciting calendar of events with several highly attractive meetings for our members which will no doubt enable exchanges of very high quality. This include among other things meetings on parking, open data and bike sharing, and of course it will culminate with the Annual Polis conference in Madrid on 27th-28th of November.

As you know, this is my last editorial and I want to take this opportunity to thanks all the Polis secretariat and Polis members for the fantastic 11 years I have spent in this organization. I feel extremely lucky  and privileged to have had a chance to lead this team for and with the support of our members.

I am convinced that the time had come for me to take up new challenges and for Polis to open up to fresh and new ideas. I am therefore extremely happy to leave Karen Vancluysen leading a strong and extremely competent team.

I wish Polis and you all a successful future and look forward to have a chance to meeting you again in the future.

Sincerely yours,
Sylvain Haon
Secretary General


Open data and driverless buses: how London transport heads to the future (The Guardian)

The Guardian recently featured Transport for London and its innovation strategy. Read the article here.

Final Conference - “Stepping Stones: How to make Mobility Patterns More Sustainable

The Stepping Stones Final Conference will present the results of the three Stepping Stones research consortia on how to make traffic and transport in your city or region more sustainable. Read more on the event page.

Towards standardised approaches for on-street parking

Polis and the European Parking Association are organizing a workshop on 19 September in Lisbon, Portugal. The event will focus on standardised approaches for on-street parking. For more information and to register, please go to the event page.


Click here to view a list of all upcoming events.

Polis Network News

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You have to be logged in to access this content. Please click here to log in or here to find out more about joining Polis.

Polis and the Covenant of Mayors organise a joint webinar

Save the date! A webinar on Sustainable Energy Action Plans and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans –analysing and planning for energy efficient urban mobility will take place on 10 September 2014 at 2pm CET, lasting for approximately 90 minutes. This webinar is aimed at municipal offcers, transport practitioners and anyone interested in SEAP's and SUMP's.

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Members in action

Berlin launches new Mobility App for electric car-sharing

The Berlin Traffic Control Centre (VMZ) has launched an innovative multimodal Mobility App for electric car-sharing services run by DriveNow. The App was developed in the framework of the European project MOLECULES which aims to foster the take-up of electro-mobility solutions across European cities.

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European projects

New EU Project to promote cycling and walking in European Cities

The SWITCH kick-off meeting has taken place in Vienna on July 16 and 17.

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Oristano (IT) : 1st city launching CityMobil2 automated collective transport demonstration

As part  of the EU project CityMobil2, Oristano started on July 11th 2014, its demonstration of driverless electric automated collective transport.

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Queen Elizabeth II inaugurates new Reading station, one of the nine NODES testing sites

On the 17th of July, Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the new Reading railway station. It is one of the none interchanges that is testing tools in the NODES (New Tools for Design and Operation of Urban Transport Interchanges) project.

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Enhanced Wisetrip2 final event

The Enhanced WISETRIP Final Event, hosted by Polis on 29 August 2014,  will provide an opportunity to showcase the achievements of the Enhanced WISTERIP project and contribute to the debate on priorities for delivering EU-wide multi-modal travel information.

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CityMobil2 Reference Group opens call for members

Local authorities, public transport operators and other organisations with an interest in automated passenger transport systems are invited to apply to join the CityMobil2 Reference Group.  

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Save the date! POLITE final conference

The final conference of the POLITE project will take place in Cosenza, Italy, on October 9, 2014. POLITE partners have worked together to exchange and transfer experiences and improve policies, knowledge and good practices on infomobility services in their regions.

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3rd VRUITS Newsletter: discover progress on assessment of ITS applications for VRU safety and comfort

The third newsletter edition of VRUITS – improving the Safety and Mobility of Vulnerable Road Users through ITS Application – is now available. Its publication coincides with a milestone in the project: after having completed the qualitative assessment of the 21 ITS applications selected in VRUITS, the project now moves into a quantitative assessment of a selected number of applications.

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The recently finished DELIVER demonstrator vehicle for clean urban delivery continues touring

The DELIVER Project demonstrator vehicle was finished in the spring and has been touring exhibitions since June 2014. It will continue being exposed throughout the autumn at a wide range of expert meetings.

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ENCLOSE Final Conference in Brussels, 22 October 2014

The ENCLOSE project will hold its final conference on 22 October 2014 in Brussels.

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News from the institutions

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Around Europe and beyond

Access City Award - Apply Now!

The fifth edition of the Access City Award given to cities for greater accessibility to people with disabilities and older people, is open now for applications until 10 September 2014.

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French parliament fosters development EV charging stations in its territory

Driven by the willingness to develop a national network of charging infrastructure on the French territory, French Members of Parliament voted in July on tax exemption to any operators building or maintaining EV charging points.

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WHO launches update of the Health economic assessment tool (HEAT) for walking and cyling

The World Health Organisation has lauched today the update of its Health economic assessment tool (HEAT) for walking and cyling.

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