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Presentations 2011 Annual Polis Conference

Presentations given at the 2011 Annual Polis Conference on 29 and 30 November 2011 in Brussels are available for download (pdf files):

Opening Plenary

Parallel sessions 1

29 Nov at 11.30h

1A. Looking to the future – the role of ICT to support seamless and sustainable travel

1B. Vulnerable road user needs and communication on road safety

1C. Roundtable: Supporting sustainable transport planning (SUMP)

With contributions by:

1D. Integrating public transport in the urban mobility system

Parallel sessions 2

29 Nov at 14.30h

2A. Freight

2B. Tools and methodologies to promote soft modes

2C. Roundtable: ITS benefits and evaluation

With contributions by

2D. Buses with a high level of service (COST TU 0603 action final event)

Parallel sessions 3

29 Nov at 16.30h

3A. Improving the efficiency of urban goods distribution

3B. Bringing greater accessibility to enable social inclusion

3C Roundtable: Stakeholders cooperation for the deployment of electromobility

With contributions by:

3D. Advanced public transport systems and services (COST TU 0603 action final event)

Parallel sessions 4

30 Nov at 9.00h

4A. Optimising infrastructure maintenance, costs and safety

4B. Parking as a tool to manage urban mobility

4C. Roundtable – Why transport decisions make an impact on everyone’s health, and what we can do about it?

With contributions by:

4D. Raising quality in public transport

Closing plenary session: Roundtable “Integrating transport in the urban management of the future intelligent city”

With contributions by:

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