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Innovative Urban Freight Management Systems in Paris: CITYLAB project Symposium

26 May 2016 Paris (France)

This event will bring together freight transport and urban planning practitioners and policy makers to discuss latest developments in the city of Paris, including an option of site visits to a logistics hotel and a construction site where consolidation options are being considered.

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Information about the sites:

Chapelle International is a 45,000m² ‘logistics hotel’, the first one of its kind in Paris. Currently in its building phase, it will accommodate two levels of logistics activities, one for freight rail operations. Other uses (offices, school, urban farming, data centre) will also be located on the site. Sogaris, the logistics real estate developer which initiated this project, will present the challenges and achievements (architectural, environmental, economic) of this logistics hotel, which is due to start operating in September 2017.

Beaugrenelle urban logistics terminal has been in operation since 2012 as a Chronopost parcel/express transport logistics hub in the centre of Paris. This 3,000m² building was originally a car park. It is a fascinating architectural example of a new urban logistics building, from the conversion of a building made for a more traditional urban activity. The Chronopost company will explain how they use that building, what constraints its urban location has generated, and how their internal operations have been modified in order to use an urban terminal.

L’Îlot Fontenoy-Ségur complex is currently under construction (March 2015 - Aug 2017). The Fontenoy (10,000m²) and Ségur (45,000m²) buildings will be physically linked to create a single business-oriented complex with 2,300 offices, a 450-seater auditorium, a press room but also with a childcare centre, a sports hall, restaurants and green spaces. The total estimated building cost is 145 million euros. The total number of deliveries is estimated at 4500, comprising around 15000 packages. Delivery areas and storage spaces have been extended onto public roads for a 30-month period. The SUCCESS project is investigating whether a construction consolidation centre could be a viable solution for managing deliveries.

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