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Transport Research Arena 2020 in Helsinki

27 April 2020 - 30 April 2020 Helsinki, Finland

The Transport Research Arena conference will take place in Helsinki on 27–30 April 2020 under the theme “Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility”.

The event provides an ample forum for the representatives from research, industry, public administration and policy-making to discuss major challenges and opportunities we are facing in transport and mobility.

”Finland welcomes you to Transport Research Arena 2020! The conference aims to rethink transport. We concentrate on the actions needed to lead the transport sector towards clean and inclusive mobility of both people and goods. I challenge you to join us in the pursue of these goals!” says Mrs Mia Nykopp, Director General of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi responsible for organising TRA2020.

Transport Research Arena will gather 3,000 attendees

Transport Research Arena is the largest European research and technology conference in the field of transport and mobility. It is organised biannually and attracts 3,000 attendees from all around Europe and the world.

TRA2020 will focus on new innovative mobility solutions, mobility and the changing climate, physical and digital infrastructures as well as ensuring European competitiveness. The conference will address topics such as:

  • multimodal services for people and goods,
  • sustainable asset management,
  • user-centric and inclusive mobility models,
  • strategies for research and innovation that are needed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Mr Janne Huhtamäki, the Chair of the Management Committee for TRA2020, is excited about the possibilities TRA2020 will offer for displaying European research and innovation:

“Transport is undergoing a massive change that covers every aspect of the mobility of people and goods: from traveling and commuting to sustaining the value proposition of transport assets and taking measures against climate change. TRA2020 offers the momentum to rethink together how to deliver what the users and the planet are calling for.

TRA2020 is organised in collaboration with European Comission

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications will host the conference. The conference is organised by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, the Finnish Transport Agency, Business Finland and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, with the support and in collaboration with the European Commission.

Pre-announcement for call of papers available!

The call for papers for TRA2020 is opening soon. More information about the upcoming call is available through pre-announcement at

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