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SWITCH Newsletter #4 now available!

08 April 2016

In this fourth issue we would like to draw your attention to two of our major project outcomes: the SWITCH final conference to be held in Bremen on Thursday, April 14th 2016, and the SWITCH Campaign Guide and Toolbox. Furthermore, read a round-up of latest developments from our implementation cities.

The Final Conference "Embracing active travel for health" will bring together health and transport experts, local authorities and mobility managers, sustainable mobility campaigners and advocacy groups, in a unique setting such as Bremen cycling capital city in Germany, to discuss about travel behaviour change and personalised travel advice in life changing moments.

During our final conference we'll present to you the SWITCH Campaign Guide and Toolbox, an essential tool for cities and practitioners to develop healthy-living and active mobility campaigns, from project inception to delivery, and evaluation.

The newsletter (PDF) can be downloaded from the SWITCH website.

Enjoy reading!

For more information about the project and activities in the cities, make sure you regularly check our website at and follow our Twitter feed @switchtravel

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