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The third CoEXist newsletter is available

12 December 2018

The latest issue of the CoEXist newsletter has been published on Tuesday 11th December 2018. Read the newsletter to better understand how cities can become "automation-ready".

After one year and a half of activities, the CoEXist partners are entering the second half of the project! And it is the occasion for them to share the project’s latest developments.   

In this issue, you will read about the results of CoEXist's activities on modelling. And, good news: Automation-ready modelling tools are now available! This is a major achievement which will allow cities to become more and more automation-ready. The CoEXist partners are working on defining an "Automation-Ready Framework"

Additionally, you will also read about the work of the CoEXist partners to make automation a part of sustainable urban mobility planning

Finally, don't miss the news from the CoEXist cities. Milton Keynes just completed a successful demonstration in the UK Autodrive project. And our city in the spotlight for this issue is Polis member Helmond, Netherlands!

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