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New European Commission initiative to promote physical activity in Europe

06 September 2013

On August 28 the European Commission adopted an initiative on health-enhancing physical activity. This is the first ever proposal for a Council Recommendation on sport. But the proposal spans all policy sectors - such as transportation - that can enable citizens' to be or to become physically active. In that respect, Polis members will talk health and tranport in the upcoming Working Group meeting on September 19th.

The European Commission initiative invites Member States to develop a national strategy and a corresponding action plan for promoting health-enhancing physical activity across sectors, reflecting the EU Physical Activity Guidelines and to monitor physical activity levels and the implementation of policies.

For more information on the European Commission initiative, please read the press release

This proposal couldn't be more timely as Polis is preparing the Environment and Health in Transport Working Group meeting on Active Mobility with focus on "How to make the link between health and transport".

More walking and cycling, for all trip purposes – to work, education, shopping, social and leisure trips – can generate important economic benefits through large public health gains in addition to reduced pollution and congestion.

Polis Working Group meeting will explore latest research developments with WHO experts, available tools for decision makers to help create a safe and supportive environment for active mobility, and best practices from European cities.

This meeting is open to all. The meeting and round table discussion will take place on Thursday, September 19th in Brussels.

Registration is open through September 16th at the event webpage.

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