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Polis and H3B media released 'Thinking Cities' #3

02 December 2014

The third issue of Thinking Cities has been released at last week's 2014 Annual Polis Conference in Madrid, titled "Creating the healthy city". It is available in print copies and digital format.

Topics of this issue include:

  • The health benefits of active travel;
  • Sustainability in Belo Horizonte’s transport planning;
  • The world’s smartest parking system in Madrid;
  • and a lot more!

Print copies were distributed at the 2014 Annual Polis Conference, and are available in the Polis office in Brussels. To read this third issue online click here or download the pdf version.

About 'Thinking Cities'

Thinking Cities is a joint magazine by Polis and H3B Media 'Thinking Cities' aims to help shape the debate on sustainable transport in Europe and internationally. For cities and regions this is an exciting opportunity to help stakeholders understand the central role local and regional authorities play in achieving transport innovation.

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