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Thinking Cities magazine

Thinking Cities is a joint magazine by Polis and H3B Media

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Summer 2019 issue released: "Finding balance in the thinking city"

ThinkingCities #12 has been launched at the ocassion of the SUMP Conference in June 2019.

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Why 'Thinking Cities'?

'Thinking Cities' aims to help shape the debate on sustainable transport in Europe and internationally. For cities and regions this is an exciting opportunity to help stakeholders understand the central role local and regional authorities play in achieving transport innovation.

"Thinking Cities magazine illustrates in a concrete way how innovative transport solutions can help local authorities to achieve their mobility policy objectives. It showcases inspiring urban transport innovation examples from cities across Europe and beyond, with the ultimate goal of making cities smarter, more liveable and sustainable places to live in”, says Polis Executive Director Karen Vancluysen.


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Photos of the Thinking Cities launch cocktail on 3 December 2013 on Flickr:

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