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Automated Vehicles

Automated vehicles (AV) relate to fully or partically driverless vehicles, operating in private or collective mode (like public transport). There are various types of automated systems, including automated cars, shuttles (group rapid transit) and personal rapid transit.

EC's Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) platform

Polis has been appointed a member of the CCAM platform, which held its inaugural meeting on 25 June 2019 in Brussels. The purpose of this EC platform is twofold: (i) to coordinate efforts related to the open road testing of connective, cooperative and automated mobility in Europe; and (ii) to identify research needs for the imminent European partnership on CCAM.

Plenary meetings: minutes 25/6/19

WG1 (EU agenda for CCAM testing): minutes 26/6/19

WG2 (R&I project coordination): minutes 26/6/19

WG3 (digital & physical infrastructure): minutes 26/6/19

WG4 (road safety): minutes 26/6/19

WG5 (cyber security & invehicle data): minutes 26/6/19

WG6 (connectivity): minutes 26/6/19


Next meetings:

  • WGs: 9/9/18, 29/10/18, 2 or 3/12/19
  • Plenary: 2 or 3/12/19

Members' news item about CCAM: 8/8/19


Polis paper on AVs


For further information, contact Suzanne Hoadley

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