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Network Management

Traffic management is an important tool to mitigate congestion. Complex systems made up of various technologies (traffic monitoring, communications, data-processing, roadside equipment, etc.) and control strategies (cycle times, bus priority at traffic lights, green wave, pedestrian priority, etc) have been developed in various shapes and forms across Europe to deliver transport objectives.

In many cities, the traffic management system is under the control of the traffic control centre, which differs significantly in terms of size, responsibility and organisation. There is a trend towards integrated traffic control centres whereby all the main transport operators and stakeholders are represented (traffic operator, public transport operator, emergency services, etc) to ensure a joined up approach to traffic control, especially in the event of a major incident (eg, Stuttgart).

Whereas traffic management systems were developed and are still predominantly used today to keep traffic moving, they are increasingly being used with air quality and safety objectives in mind. Furthermore, there is a slow shift away from vehicle-based traffic management towards multi-modal network management covering all modes of transport.

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