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New Mobility Services

The new mobility services theme reflects a very dynamic sector.

It is also a rather broad concept covering many new types of services emerging from the transport domain, including transportation services based on new forms of vehicle ownership and ride-sharing (car sharing/clubs, ride-sharing/car-pooling and bike sharing to name but a few) as well as new ways of providing access to such new transport services and conventional transport services (buses, trams, etc) through integrated platforms, such as the MaaS/Mobility as a Service approach.

Besides the service innovation, other novelties include a growing role of the private sector in instigating and operating these new mobility services. This represents a paradigm shift for city and regional authorities and is leading to many questions such as, to what extent should my authority support and/or regulate these services? and, how will/should the role of my authority evolve?


Polis published a discussion paper on MaaS: Mobility as a Service: Implications for urban and regional transport, 3 September 2017

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