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Polis cooperates on parking issues with the European Parking Association (EPA). The EPA is an umbrella organisation of 19 European national parking organisations. The EPA has established a European standard for parking facilities which is available here.

Polis events on Parking:

  • Joint EPA-Polis Parking Workshop
    17 May 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany
    In cooperation with the EPA, Polis organised a workshop on the role of parking in Sustainable Urban Transport Plans. Among others, Barcelona presented a video on their parking policy. The video and more information on the meeting is available at the event page.

  • 3rd Polis Parking Workshop
    15 June 2010 in Dresden
    The third Polis Parking Workshop addressed three topics: parking as an integrated part of urban mobility policies, the role of parking in the deployment of electric vehicles, and ICT for parking. The workshop suggested that today’s planners are too much focused on organising traffic flow, where the destination (= parking space) is often overlooked. 
    Results, presentations and more information about the meeting is
    available at the event page.

  • Polis Working Group on Social and Economic Aspects: Parking in Cities
    30 October 2009 in Brussels
    Polis published a summary of findings of the Polis Working Group on Social and Economic Issues on parking in cities in December 2009. The recommendation concludes that parking deserves more attention at the EU level. Relevant research topics which deserve further inquiry at EU level include fair parking charges at the local level, the interaction of parking with spatial planning and the integration of strategic traffic management with parking management.
    More information is incl. the Working Group's findings is available at the event page.

  • Polis Working Group on Social and Economic Aspects: Parking Policies
    16 December 2008 in Brussels
    The Polis Social and Economic Working group focused its activities 2008/2009 on “internalization of external costs in transport: making it work at the local level”. The working group met on the 16th of December 2008 to discuss parking policy (and technology). Concrete cases of Polis members (Tallinn, Brussels, KPVV, Edinburgh) were combined with presentations touching upon horizontal issues (research, EU policy framework…) by external speakers (EPA, University of Rotterdam). 
    Presentations and minutes of this meeting are available at the event page.



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