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Cooperative ITS/C-ITS

Cooperative ITS refers to communication between ‘ITS objects’, which may be vehicles, infrastructure (signal controller, traffic control centre), smartphones or some other device.

The last 10 years have seen a huge amount of European and national money, both public and private, poured into research, development, demonstration and piloting of C-ITS. Deployment is starting to happen, albeit slowly, with motorways leading the way from a road authority perspective. Deployment is very limited in the urban environment, for various reasons.

Polis is a member of two important multi-stakeholder platforms that are facilitating dialogue between the key sectors with a stake in C-ITS deployment. They are the C-ITS Deployment Platform, specifically the urban working group, and the Amsterdam Group.

Insight to the perspective of cities

This web page provides links to reports describing the views and requirements of local authorities and suppliers regarding C-ITS, as well other useful references related to the subject. This collection of documents is quite unique in that it offers insight to the perspective of the many cities not involved in C-ITS projects, rather than the few cities that have demonstrated C-ITS and therefore understand it and are considering moving towards deployment. It is intended to make the wider C-ITS community aware of the real challenges, requirements and opportunities for C-ITS in the urban environment. Specifically, these reports set out:

  • the views of cities regarding C-ITS,
  • those C-ITS applications that could appeal to cities (to deliver traffic management and enforcement functions),
  • what needs to be considered/explored for deployment to happen (integration, organisational issues, business model, etc)
  • the views of the supplier market
  • technical requirements, including standardisation.

Key references

Views & requirements of city authorities:

  • Requirements of urban transport authorities regarding cooperative V2I and I2V systems and their strategic policy implications – Dec. 2016- CODECS D4.2
  • City status and requirements for C-ITS deployment (including results of ITS/C-ITS survey involving 50+ cities) – October 2016 – CIMEC D1.1
  • C-ITS roadmap for European cities – CIMEC D3.2 – one pager in English, German and Spanish – CIMEC roadmap summary (16 pages)

Supplier views:

  • Supplier views on C-ITS derived from survey and outreach activities – May 2016 – CIMEC D2.3

Urban standardisation issues:

  • C-ITS standardisation requirements for the urban environment – Dec. 2016 – CIMEC D2.5
  • Feasibility study on common technical specifications for interfacing the vehicle and urban traffic management system – Dec. 2016 – CODECS D4.3

Other useful references:

Key projects:

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