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Transport Safety and Security

The pillar addresses road safety and the security of transport systems. It covers road safety policies, addressing all categories of road users (children, pedestrians, two-wheelers, drivers, etc.) and supporting the development of innovative solutions. Polis activities also cover technological innovations contributing to the improvement of road safety (cooperative systems, e-safety, traffic management, ITS, vehicle safety, etc).

Through this thematic pillar, Polis aims at providing tools and knowledge enabling local authorities to contribute to the achievement of ‘Vision zero as defined in the recent White Paper on the European Transport Policy.

Within this thematic pillar, Polis member also addresses issues related to the security of transport system.

Topics being discussed in this pillar are:

  • education and training
  • soft modes
  • data collection
  • powered-two wheelers
  • vehicles
  • enforcement
  • infrastructure
  • security of transport infrastructures

These topics are covered by Polis through working group meetings, European projects, and through policy activities to communicate the opinions of European cities and regions on these topics to the European Institutions.

Working Group meetings:

Information on meetings and activities: see Working Group page.

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