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Environment and Health in Transport

This pillar looks at the impact that urban and regional mobility has on the environment and on health, and how this impact can be reduced.

Topics being discussed in this pillar are:

  • Cycling and walking to alleviate the stress of mobility on the environment and health, and recognition of their role as important modes in urban mobility.
  • Health problems related to air and noise pollution, and due to lack of exercise as a result of car-dependence and sedentary lifestyles.
  • Mobility management to encourage more environmentally-friendly travel behaviours.
  • Air pollution and noise pollution arising from transport.
  • Cleaner vehicles and alternative fuels (including electromobility) to decarbonise urban and regional transport and reduce local emissions, with emphasis on the role of local and regional authorities in their deployment.
  • Climate change and The Covenant of Mayors: tackling greenhouse gas emissions (particularly CO2) from cities and regions to reduce the transport impact on global climate change.

These topics are covered by Polis through working group meetings, European projects, and through policy activities to communicate the opinions of European cities and regions on these topics to the European Institutions.

Working Group meetings:

Information on meetings and activities: see Working Group page.


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