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Traffic Efficiency and Mobility

The pillar on Traffic Efficiency and Mobility addresses issues related to network management, network efficiency and innovative services.

Within this pillar, working group meetings have mainly drawn upon Polis’ experience and knowledge in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) which has been at the heart of Polis activities since the creation of the network. It has focused in the recent past on issues such as network management (monitoring, information, management, integration and evaluation), ITS to support policy, ITS awareness raising, defining ITS research needs.

Topics being addressed in this pillar are:

  • network and traffic management (ITS)
  • traffic and travel information (ITS)
  • new mobility services
  • access restriction
  • urban freight delivery and city logistics
  • infrastructure and interchanges
  • integrated ticketing and charging (ITS)
  • automated vehicles

These topics are covered by Polis through working group meetings, European projects, and through policy activities to communicate the opinions of European cities and regions on these topics to the European Institutions.

Next Working Group meeting:

Information on meetings and activities: see Working Group page.


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